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door panel

  1. E

    97 Door doesn't shut flush with car body

    Recently I've noticed that my car door dosent sit flush when shut on my 97 Ford explorer. That is, the door, when shut, is a good 1/4 inch depressed from the rear door. The top and bottom lines up, and the sticker lines up and it latches, so it's not sagging. If you were to run your hand along...
  2. Rick

    List of Useful Threads Interior Forum's Best Threads

    How To: Replace your Headliner 2nd gen console removal How to: Install a new carpet on a Ranger How To: Build a Center Console How to: Homelink Visor Install
  3. M

    Looking to replace interior door panels, have a question on manual vs fullpower doors

    I have a 1991 explorer and i need to replace the interior door panels. I have manual doors, meaning i have to push locks and crank the windows. It is very difficult for me to find door panels that arent designed for full power doors. So my question is, can i buy the interior plastic door...
  4. J

    How to: Remove Gen II interior panels

    Figured we needed up a writeup... Front doors: Remove the trim caps from around the door handles (makes it easier to remove the panel from around the handles) Remove the (2) phillips screws from behind the door pull Pry panel away from the truck to release the push-in connectors from...
  5. BigRondo

    How To: Remove/Replace 3rd Gen Door Panel

    I have not found a thread for specifically removing the door panels. When someone asks, I usually point them to a thread that involves removing the door panel but is not specifically for removing the door panel. Hopefully this will eliminate any confusion. Be Sure To Check Out My Other...
  6. BigRondo

    How To: Install Signal Mirrors On 3rd Gen Ex

    This is my how to for installing signal mirrors on the 3rd Gen Ex. I know that a lot of you know how to do most of this, but it is a how to so I must assume you know nothing. I am not trying to insult anyone’s intelligence. Before I begin, I would like to thank a few people: RickOTR – for...
  7. C

    Electrical question.

    I accidentally left my windows down on my '97 ford explorer and now the windows won't go up and my power locks won't work when i hit the unlock button on my alarm key pad...but the switch that operates the side view windows on the same door panel still works..(i guess it didn't get wet). How...
  8. S

    Another 2002 Explorer XLS Speaker Install HOWTO

    I used these instructions to get started, but there is a little bit more smooth approach regarding the order of panel section removal, and I wanted to include a little more detail. Thanks, GregV8 for your fine example! This is an expansion on your work. :) These instructions are for replacing...
  9. D

    07 ranger door panel removal

    I just got 07 ranger and want to remove right side door panel to go after horrible rattle; took out the screws I could find and still not moving; how do I remove the window handle? rattle sounds near door lock mechanism. thanks defrag