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  1. C

    California smog

    Hello to all knowledgeable folks here at explorerforum.com. I have a question concerning my 96 ranger 4.0l . I recently put in a new used motor,after the install the engine fired up no problem compression was good on all cylinders,the motor seems to me lacks in power as I remember I like the 4.0...
  2. P

    Melted DPFE sensor - and P701

    Aloha everyone! :exp:Anyone have experience with a melted DPFE sensor? I'm working a bunch of issues at the same time: - extremely rough idle and loss of power - replaced cats - still sounds like rocks in the muffler - replaced upper/lower intake gaskets (torqued lower to 10ft pds - replaced...
  3. A

    Code P401still-replaced EGR & DPFE

    I have a 1996 Ford Explorer with a code of p401. We replaced the EGR valve and the DPFE. I am still getting a p401. I erase the code and darned if it does not come back. I want to check for a vacuum leak but I have no idea were the hoses are or where to start. Any other ideas of what to...
  4. M

    The recent drama: head gasket, plugs, dpfe sensor, ignition coil?

    Okay so I'm new here but I reference this forum a lot as a guest. Thought I would sign up and ask this particular question. I'm going to be very detailed in hopes that I provide enough information so excuse me if this post is a little lengthy. =) Thank you in advance for anyone who can assist me...
  5. J

    P1131 - Engine stumbling and lose of power

    I have a 98 Explorer 4.0 OHV that has been giving headaches for a couple of months. During cold start, the engine idles rough almost like it's missing until I get the engine to 2500 RPM then it smoothes out. Anyway, a couple of month ago, one of the lines to the DPFE had a slice in it so I...
  6. M

    Solved Where is DPFE sensor on 2006?

    The location of the feedback pressure sensor or dpfe is a mystery to me. I have looked online and seen pictures of various models but mine never comes up. Did Ford change the sensor location or the look of it for 2006 and future models? I have part 4u7z-9j460-aa and I can't seem to find anything...
  7. E

    99 4x4 XLS low miles with tons of problems.

    Hey there, This is my first post so I hope that I can get some answers. I have used this forum to fix a number of things on my X and there seems like a never ending list of things that still need to be done. It only has 75k miles on it and I just cant seem to get it to run right. I have...
  8. BBQ Bandit

    Finally... no codes!!!

    It has been a long Summer fixing codes... been slowy dropping MPG efficiency down to 15 MPG on a good day... used to be 20-23. Since August... P1405 - DPFE upstream hose plugged or off P0442 - EVAP leak - small P0141 - O2 sensor (Bank 1, Sensor 2) P1405 Bought DPFE module and...
  9. Under the hood Job 1 SOHC

    Under the hood Job 1 SOHC

    Under the hood Job 1 SOHC
  10. T

    Help -Where's the DPFE on 2000 EX, v8 5.0L XLT

    I can't locate the DPFE that seems to be causing a P1401 code. All pictures I found don't match with my engine. Thanks in advance.
  11. R

    95 XLT Codes 17, 32, 63, 332

    Ok, first a little rant. I look up OBDI codes and I get a raft of '94 advice. Very little '95 advice... Not to mention people trying to get me to hook up an OBDII tool to my '95. Please go away, ok? And the Ford manual doesn't seem to document 2-sigit codes... grrr... Now, on to the...