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  1. J

    2013 Explorer XLT Strange Dragging Sound From Front End

    Hello All. I have a 2013 Explorer XLT 6 cyl with towing package. About three weeks ago I took it to the dealer to get the water pump replaced (bad seal) and one catalytic converter replaced along with oil change and tire rotation. Within a couple of days of getting it back, I noticed a...
  2. 9

    Brakes dragging

    Let me say before I begin my quest for help that I, indeed did search through the forums for my problems. I encountered a lot of possible solutions. This post is here in the hopes that my circumstances might change/narrow down the problem. Starting out I have replaced all 4 rotors with new...
  3. W

    94 Clutch Disk Draging

    I had the Clutch, Master and Slave cylinders replaced. In the morning when it is cold the clutch releases perfectly and shifting in and out of gear is easy. After the car warms up, the thing will not go into gear and if it is in gear when you come to a stop you can hardly get it out. The disk is...