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    Transmission Behavior Change After Extended Highway Driving

    Does anyone else have issues with shifting after being in overdrive for a while on the highway? I have been driving this thing for 6 years, 75k miles, this issue has been present the whole time. After an hour or so on the highway the shift out of the top two gears occasionally gets kinda...
  2. D

    My 93 Explorer apparently has no idler pulley?

    I was replacing the fan clutch on my Explorer and decided to go ahead and replace the serpentine belt. After I got everything out, I realized that the idler pulley, which is on my serpentine belt diagram under the hood, is non-existent. I'm not immediately worried, since I've been driving around...
  3. M

    Possible Rear End Whining/Whirring Noise

    Having a new issue with my Explorer now.. just got done pretty much doing a mass replacement of 90% of the suspension, getting tires, and an alignment. I guess by coincidence now that all that works been done now the drive train decides it's going to take a dump.. I notice this mostly at low...
  4. B

    Another Explorer with transmissions issues - I think!

    Hey all, I have a '94 4X4 with the A4 in it. It has started to give me some sort of transmission issue, and I'm prepping for a new one. I was at a stop light yesterday (following a friend to the mechanic, ironically) and as I started to let it creep forward in drive, it felt like I hit the...
  5. T

    Steering wheel shudder as engine is about to shift

    After replacing the alternator on my husband's '96 Ex this morning (we each have one...his is blue, mine's green), I was driving it and noticed the steering wheel has a terrible shudder AND also a weird vibration noise coming from under the truck.. (not related to my repair...I'm told it was...
  6. D

    *Please Read* Heat Promblem Still Not Fixed?

    Hey everyone, so today was a busy day. I changed the spark plugs and wires on the Explorer, it runs a lot better now. Finally! But the other problem I was trying to address was how come I have no heat. I took the dashboard apart and got access to the heater core. I let the truck warm up and it...
  7. E

    Explorer 2002 horrible grinding noise while moving

    I have a 2002 ford explorer. I've had it for about 10 years now. In the last year I've moved from new Orleans to Delaware. I was driving about 70 miles a day for work and after dealing with the winter I had to replace the tires. My brakes also went bad and needed to be replaced. That was about 8...
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    Sway Bar End Link Fun!

    Driving along today, I heard a loud pop. And when I say loud pop I mean, I thought someone fired a gun under the truck. I knew it came from the front passenger side and pulled over right away to find this.. The end link literally just got shredded at the top. Of course this had to happen...
  9. K

    '02 Explorer 4x4 problems

    I just bought a used '02 Explorer 4x4 and it's stuck in 4 High. I think the problem is the 4x4 module behind the glove box. If I try to shift in neutral, the 4 Low light just blinks. Before getting it fixed or the transfer case, if that's it, can I remove the front drive shaft so I don't cause...
  10. N

    back fire and hole in muffler,

    my truck idles fine in park but backfires when i shift into drive, theres a large hole in the muffler, if i replace the muffler will the backfire stop? does a large hole in the muffler create a popping or backfire sound?
  11. C

    1992 Explorer stalls after put into gear

    I have a 1992 explorer. When I put it into drive or reverse, it stalls on me. It only does this when I first put into drive or reverse, just after I start it. Engine idles ok and will not stall if I give a little gas as I shift. Also if I shift it into neutral then into drive or reverse, it...
  12. J

    It has reverse but won't shift into drive.

    I have a '94 explorer 4wd auto trans. It will shift into reverse or park with only a slight 4sec delay but OD, D, 2, and 1 give it a 90sec to never delay on the shift. Once in gear It shifts just smooth between 1, 2, 3, etc.... It has ATF and I changed the trans vacuum modulator. I think it...
  13. M

    Drive Shaft removal from transmission side

    Hello all, Currently working on the 1991 Explorer 5 speed 4x4 I am in the process of taking down the transmission and I am stuck. I have finally achieved taking the bolts out from the rear of the drive shaft and is able to free it from the rear. But I can not pull the drive shaft from the...
  14. I

    Need advice with driveshaft. Please help.

    So i have a 97 x sport with a bw4411 (control trac) transfer case. I have searched every junk yard in gods creation and cant find a driveshaft to work. both the transfer case and differential have the same yoke. (see below) i need a driveshaft shorter than 24" (a regular x front DS is too long)...
  15. P

    Gear Oil Leak from Rear Differential

    good afternoon gentleman. Had to change my fuel pump this weekend and noticed a bad oil leak. It's definitely my rear gear oil in the rearend b/c i changed it like a month or two ago and it still looks clean. My question to you though, the way its leaking it looks like I did a good job...
  16. A

    HELP: 1995 Explorer ATX 4WD - Transmission Issues

    Hello all, I recently purchased a 1995 Ford Explorer, 4WD Automatic. Had a few issues at purchase that I knew about. Has to clean the MAF Sensor, was going to clean the IAC Valve, but had to replace it, etc. Mostly all minor stuff. Still need to do the TP Sensor still. Don't mind about these...
  17. Front drive shaft from 96 v8 AWD Explorer

    Front drive shaft from 96 v8 AWD Explorer

    Front drive shaft from 96 v8 AWD Explorer to be used on my 2001 Sport Trac since I have a 4" Superlift installed.
  18. F

    Going no where fast.

    Ok so heres the deal. I have a 94 explorer 6" suspension lift and 3" body on some 36s. Decided to have some fun and ran up a 6 foot snow bank, then popped her in reverse to get out but she stuck like glue, no tire spin or anything. Tach read around 3 grand but the engine sounded like it was...
  19. K

    Squeaking sound in dash (near center, at windsheild)

    2004 Explorer Ltd, 63,000 miles While in drive, I've been experiencing a series of random squeaking sounds which seem to originate from the center of the dash, back near the windshield. The sounds most often occur when in drive, stopped in traffic or a red light etc. When I accelerate, the...
  20. Front disc brakes on a rear wheel drive exploded view.

    Front disc brakes on a rear wheel drive exploded view.