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driver side

  1. S

    Metallic Tick\Knock On Drivers Side Valve Cover 4.6

    I have an very strong tick that seems to be coming from the drivers side valve cover..... @ idle it is very quiet or silent....but as the engine speeds up some - it I very clear between 1,000 and 1,500 RPM - then it fades away above this. Does not make the tick - when the engine is started...
  2. J

    98 sport fender trim *need*

    does anybody have a back drivers side fender moulding theyre willing to sell or throw my way. my last ones brackets broke so i rigged it back on with bolts and im not liking the bushwacker look. found a passenger side one but have to build some new brackets cuz those are chazzled too. but no...
  3. S

    A little assistance would be nice!!

    Ok, so being as new as i am to this forum, i havent had much time to go and look for a thread such as this. I am planning on doing a bit of body work to my truck. It has a nice sized dent in the front fender, and i am hoping to save some money and reshape it myself. problem being i am not sure...
  4. P

    Tilt on the front driver side

    Sup guys i am new here. My 2001 sport trac has a tilt on the front driver side and the miles currently on it are 120,000. i dont want to take it to the shop. Any clue?? anybody?