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  1. R

    Mysterious cut wires (1 red 1 white) under seat. What are they?

    Howdy! I have a 2000 explorer sport (which is back on the road thanks to this forum!) that I'm trying to sort out. Whenever the car is on, the dash beeps as if something is not right, although there is no seat belt or air bag light on. I looked under the seat, and found a wire that had been cut...
  2. R

    Seat Question Explorer 2003

    Howdy, The driver seat on my 2003 Explorer is worn out and ripped. (It is a manual seat.) I was thinking of getting a passenger seat from a scrap yard as a cheap replacement. It looks to me like I could just swap in the foam and the seat cover onto my existing seat (-or maybe I could just swap...
  3. Driver Bumper Brace 2 Rusty

    Driver Bumper Brace 2 Rusty

    Driver side bumper brace rust through corrosion
  4. Driver Bumper Brace 1 Rusty

    Driver Bumper Brace 1 Rusty

    Driver side bumper brace rust through corrosion
  5. Spas

    '05 Trac leaking water from driver front?

    I seem to have purchased a very odd Sport Trac... Opened my driver door after two days of rain and had a river run out from my door sill :fire: Traced the leak origin to someplace under the dash (roughly straight back from the top of the dash fuse box to give you an idea of location). It's been...
  6. A

    Help - Driver's Side Power Seat STUCK up

    Hello forum. This is my first post. I did do a search on the issue and have so far been unsuccessful. I bought a new-used 2002 Ford Explorer XLT V8 yesterday with 120K miles. Gets up and goes just fine and looks real clean to boot. Unfortunately, being that I got a really good deal on...
  7. D

    2007 Explorer XLT Replacement Driver Seat

    I have a 2007 Ford Explorer XLT. My drivers seat has some rips on the sides and in the process of trying to fix things i made it worse and the cover and foam underneath is a mess. Foam is pretty crushed down anyway and seat is getting uncomfortable. I have been searching online trying to...
  8. W

    Leaking Cargo Window??

    Today I was in the process of building my cargo box when I took a break to pic my sis up from school. It was pouring out side. Well once I got back I noticed that the Drivers rear cargo window was leaking I put a hose to it to see where exactly it was coming from and then sealed it up with clear...
  9. Driver side kickpanel

    Driver side kickpanel

    Driver side kick panel with Foacl Utopias in Q-Form enclosre.