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    Dual factory subwoofers

    Hi. I have a 2004 Explorer XLS. I've been wanting to add some subwoofers for a while now, but I have limited space in the truck due to tools and work stuff. While at the junkyard for a new fender, I saw the explorer factory subwoofer enclosure. I did some research and found out it was an 8 inch...
  2. S

    1999 Explorer Dual Battery?

    Hi all, I’m looking into some dual battery set ups for my 1999 Ford Explorer XLT, however, there isn’t much space under the hood... has anyone done a dual battery set up in one of these before? If so, how did you do it? Pictures? And if not, what would be the best way to go with setting one of...
  3. S

    02 EB Dual Climate ZERO heat

    I am going to be breaking into the dash this weekend to identify if it is the blender door on the passenger side or the Heating core... before I get started I'd like to have parts on hand vs go seeking. 1.) what is the best way to identify if the issue is blender door vs heater core...
  4. A

    Question on exhaust change!

    So I have a 99 explorer 5.0 limited. I want the exhaust to be louder and better but I want to be able to quiet it down when I want. So I was thinking dual exhaust cutouts. First off what is the diameter of my exhaust??? And I was thinking of the best placement.... I want it after the cats. But...
  5. S

    exhaust question

    hey everyone, I own a 2002 Sport Trac and I was looking to get a dual exhaust put on. I want to do it myself, so I was wondering if anyone else did a modification like this as well. I just want to know what kind of exhaust was best for my truck, but isn't too pricy. I'm 16, so I don't make a...
  6. N

    Dual Exhaust for V8 Adrenalin

    Looks like the spare tire and the rear lower bumper skirt prevent an easy dual exhaust install. Has anyone installed duals on a V8 Adrenalin? Are there aftermarket lower bumper kits to accommodate dual exhaust? I could probably do without the spare tire, although it'd be nice to hang on to...
  7. E

    Dual Exhaust Ideas

    Hey guys I'm new to the forum! But I've had my 01 explorer sport a while and have done everything to it myself. Its got a 3" body lift that I had to customize to fit, a custom front bumper with bumper guard and PIAA fogs, tints, custom paint, working on a TT and AA suspension lift, may even do a...
  8. 1

    Two temp, adjustable, dual fan, dual speed controller circuit.

    Here is a fan controller circuit, drawn up by Don Doersch, a retired US Navy radioman. It has adjustments for high and low speed. It gets two speeds from two single-speed fans by switching them between series and parallel connection. http://www.flickr.com/photos/27748767@N08/5578415649/ I...
  9. SB98UKexplorer

    This is how my ex is looking since ford fair

    i have had the tints done, dual side exit exuasts, matching color coded body trims to black, and got the obx racing manifolds fitted. still more to do lol And dont forget to check your seat belt bolsters, mine are coming loose and scraping the center consol trim..
  10. R

    pics request: true duals, single in/dual out

    i wanted to get a dual exhaust set up for my 4.0L 02 XLT... i was wondering if you guys could show me some pics: true duals, single in/dual out, whatever... thanks a lot and should i get the middle enter delta 40: or the side enter delta 40:
  11. Dual battery schematic diagram.

    Dual battery schematic diagram.

    This schematic diagram shows how to wire 2 batteries through a diode style isolator.
  12. High current relay schematic for a dual battery system.

    High current relay schematic for a dual battery system.

    This schematic diagram explains how to use a high current relay instead of a diode style isolator for a dual battery set up.
  13. All Cleaned UP!

    All Cleaned UP!

    I paid my buddy to detail the outside of my X. Yeah, I'm that lazy. Looks BEAUTIFUL!
  14. Dual battery system

    Dual battery system

    This is a dual battery system by Piranha. As you can see it bolts straight in and no mods necessary.
  15. dual cap install

    dual cap install

    dual cap install
  16. dual cap build

    dual cap build

    dual cap build
  17. front dual shocks

    front dual shocks

  18. Shock mounts

    Shock mounts

    here is my front shocks. This pic shows the middle brace that holds the hoop bend for the dual shocks. You cant see it when you look at the shocks because it is behind everything.
  19. Duals1


  20. Dual lights

    Dual lights

    This is a shot of my dual underhood light mod.