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  1. 3

    HVAC system is not blowing air... failed when driving, now EATC Code 52

    I turned on the AC one early-morning and after driving for 2 minutes, the fan stopped blowing. Ran the EATC self check and got code 52. (A/C solar radiation sensor circuit short to ground) 2000 Explorer Eddie Bauer RWD with EATC I have not begun to troubleshot past the EATC self check yet as I...
  2. D


    Hey guys, After extensive squinting at page after page of threads going completely off topic, none I've read has helped resolve this problem. That being said: 99 Mountaineer AWD 5.0L 150k Miles, unmolested dealer serviced Charged A.C., cold lines, compressor working perectly, EATC, blower...
  3. mfitz725

    Blend door dilemma

    Apparently I need a blend door as I have some heat but it's very little. When I change the temperature all the way to cold the little heat I have does change to cold so apparently the actuator is working. The problem is that lists two blend doors, both for manual systems. However I...
  4. mfitz725

    Eatc fan problem

    My 99 Limited with the EATC system won't allow me to reduce the fan speed. It stays on high all the time. The steering wheel control for won't slow it down either. I tried disconnecting the battery over night to no avail. Anyone have any suggestions?
  5. M

    1996 Eddie Bauer Explorer Blower Motor Only works On High

    I have a 1996 Eddie Bauer Explore with an automatic temperature control system. The blower motor is either off or at full speed. The blower motor speed controller (not the standard resistor) seems to work as does the motor. The fan speed dial (a potentiometer) on the EATC (electronic automatic...
  6. B

    Blend Door - 97 EB w EATC

    Does anyone know of a source for a plenum mounted temperature blend door for the EATC? Ford wants $175!! The Dorman kit 902-202 says it's for Manual systems only. Any help would be appreciated.
  7. T

    95 Limited EATC Issues and Air Suspension

    I've been driving my '95 Limited for 217,000 of its 213,000 miles. It's still got the original 4.0L Mitsubishi engine, and its compression is still 150-160 on all cylinders, with 155 being the average and median. What an engine! Finally beginning to make lifter noises, so maybe soon time for an...
  8. T

    swapping out the EATC

    i have a 96 eddie Bauer and it has the digital EATC controls, it finally died completely, i was wondering if i can switch it out with a different one? the one i need is expensive, for me at least, but i found one that is cheaper, it's the same thing, the only difference is on mine where it says...
  9. V

    Blower Motor Control Module Issues

    Hey guys After a particularly hot day last summer the front blower in my 2000 Explorer Limited started working only on the highest setting. I just chose to "live with it" all winter, but finally decided to fix it this past March. I did some searching on this very forum and determined that my...
  10. T

    Electrical issue with blend door actuator or EATC

    I have a 97 Eddie Bauer Explorer with EATC. Periodically, the blend door does not respond to the electronic temperature control, but if I reset the system by temporarily disconnecting power from the battery, everything works fine for awhile. Here's some additional background: I replaced the...
  11. davidsauve

    No Heat - EATC system or Heater Core

    I have a 1997 Explorer EB V6 4.0 SOHC with the EATC. Everything works on the EATC panel except the defrost, panel or floor does not blow warm/hot air when the temp setpoint is high (75-90). The thermostat works (just changed to a new 195 degF), coolant is new, system was flushed with Prestone...
  12. S

    Getting at a 95 limited heater blower motor

    Hi – I have a ’95 Limited with EATC. Recently it smelt as if something was burning outside but not inside and I could not find the cause. Then the blower motor stopped but it will rotate slowly if tapped. As it will spin slowly I am assuming the fuses and relays are working. Thus I think it...
  13. albi1cnobi1

    For Sale EATC Climate Controls

    I have for sale the parts needed to convert a 2nd gen Explorer or Mountaineer from manual climate controls to the EATC found on EB's, Limited's, and Premier's. I'm asking $75 shipping included. I have the control unit, the motor speed controller, blend door actuator and sensors. The only thing...
  14. P

    How to: Ford Explorer Blower Motor Control Module - Replacement

    Alright, I'm not the best searcher ever (believe me I try, however, I often find it hard to find what I'm looking for). so it took me forever to find some instructions on how to deal with a problem with my 1996 EATC. The blower in the automatic climate control system was blowing 100% full...
  15. T

    No A/C. The EATC won't engage the compressor.

    Compressor not engaging. I recently purchased a 97 limited 5.0, the previous owner was a complete idiot when it came to any work on any vehicle. I claimed the EATC head unit went bad and bought used unit that as I discovered was a 98 unit. I located connectors and rewired it to the existing...
  16. P

    manual HVAC controls to EACT

    Hello new to here, so please dont chew me out if the answer is on here somewhere...ive searched, but cant seem to find what im looking for. Anyway, here goes; I have a 98 X 4dr XLT 4x4. The dealership I work at, has a 2000 Mountaineer that is one of those cash for clunker cars...