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    1994 4.0 explorer ecu tune

    Hi everyone, I’m new to the forum and I need some help looking for a good tune for my 4.0. I’m trying to get some easy horsepower out of my 94 explorer. I already have a bigger throttle body and cold air intake. Anyone know a good place where I can get a tune to get some hidden horsepower...
  2. W

    2010 xlt ECU part/model number

    Hello all, izzat here, new to the forum and the explorer. Bought my 2010 Ford explorer XLT 4.0l two weeks ago, next day day while driving the highway, battery sign popped and a few minutes later the car completely died. Restarts once I pull over. Anyway, took it to the agency they said it's a...
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    Damaged Fuse Box, no Ignition Power!

    Hi Guys, I have a 2017 Explorer PIU with its stock center console wiring cut out during decommissioning. I accidentally partially drilled through the cabin fuse box as well as the power wire to it while drilling a hole through the firewall to install an inverter. I entered the fuse box in...
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    93 Explorer 4.0 OHV ecu change

    Hi, I'm new here and I need your experience to solve a problem I'm presenting right now. I'm just going to swap my bronco II 2.9 for an Explorer 93 4.0. Let me explain the story from the beginning: I bought a 93 4x4 explorer very cheap from a yunkyard that didn't run. It has auto trans. It...
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    Does a 1995 Explorer ECU have to be programmed?

    I'm replacing the ECU in my '95. At the last minute I saw a clause in the sales slip that said that the seller was not responsible for programming ECUs. I called the guy's attention to that, and he said that applies to newer ECUs, but my '95 won't have to be programmed. Is he correct?
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    Stalling Issue 05 4.0L

    Morning folks!, New guy here, but long time lurker. Anyhow, my 05 Eddie 2WD V6 4.0L has been having some issues with stalling at idle, rough idle, and jerking coming from the rear at highway speeds. All this is intermittent, but consistent. First time I stalled out I started back up no...
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    ECU! Explorer Eddie Bauer 1991! Help!

    Friends, I greet all the members of the forum! Please help ! What expression calf and fed mean? The ECU description of the picture. This is a play on words or technical reduction? How important are the differences?
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    OBD2 Troubleshooting

    Hi all, I recently got an 04 explorer. It came with some odd but not hidden transmission problems and also the spare tire rim on it so no TPMS sensor on that wheel. I bought a OBDII scan tool that claims to read manufacture codes and generic codes but no codes are coming up for the constant TPMS...
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    ECU Catch code

    Gents I am trying to figure out the "catch code" for my 93 Explorer sport. The troubleshooting leading up to this question can be found here: I am attaching a couple of pictures of the offending ECU. Everything I've been reading...
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    2000 ford explorer problems

    It's the v6 4.0, it's a 2000 For some reason nothing happens when you turn the key, literally nothing no dash lights no cranking nothing, put a brand new battery still nothing. Was told it was possibly the ECU? And one have any idea what it could be ?
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    97 5.0 won't rev and dies. plz help

    hey guys first read bare with me I have a 97 Ford Explorer 5.0 it refuses to rev past 3500 rpms when in drive it seems like it just loads up and will not go any more. if the truck has less than a 1/4 tank of gas and it is on a slight decline(facing downhill) it takes forever to start it will...
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    05 Sport Trac Misbehaving in the cold

    Sorry, no snow/mud slinging to be found here. Lately, the weather has been colder than normal, and my truck doesn't seem to be enjoying it. I noticed some problems a while back when I took it up north to Flagstaff for the first time. As I hit higher elevations, I noticed my gas mileage...
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    Alright so after changing a ton of stuff I borrowed the computer out of my brothers ranger and now mine seems to be running alright. I need to get one of my own and I was wondering what the best is? Can I gain any fuel mileage in my OBD1 94? Would using a OBD2 computer do me any good or...
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    Need new ECU HELP !!

    My ECM died, after having problems with the engine starting and after few seconds dying , no throttle response, fuel system OK, sensors Ok the problem was the ECM !!! Now this explorer has a rare ECM number F87F 12B 523BA, can not find the part and I don't want to pay over 2.000 dollars to...
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    Tips on running a 4.0 OHV with SOHC ECU/PCM?

    I've been combing the net trying to find some reliable answers to this question. I have a 98 XLT, the SOHC is on its way out. I don't care about power loss moving to an OHV, i just despise the design of the SOHC and want to put it out of the picture. SO! From what i've found is that the 4.0...
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    Diablo Super Chips

    Can anyone give me info about this? Is it a hoax? Or does it truly work?
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    need people with experience with performance pcm modifications

    hi everyone, im a young guy and have very little experience with performance off-roading vehicles. i need some help figuring out what type of performance pcm modifications to do. my suv is a 1991 explorer eddie bauer 4dr 4wd. the modifications that i have done so far are headers, performance...
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    Is my ECU fried?

    Power is getting to the computer and chec engine light does not come on with key turned.
  19. A

    1993 Explorer Engine control Computer

    Can someone please tell me where the electrical engine control unit is located on a 1993 ford explorer 4.0? A picture or diagram would be nice.
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    ECU Module Problems

    Hi, We own a 2004 Ford Explorer. Bought it used 2 years ago. Since then it has had multiple repairs. Two weeks ago the throttle bottle was replaced. Since we got it back the engine revs very high when it starts. Could this have been a result of replacing the throttle body? Also since then, the...
  21. J

    Broken PCM...replace?

    I have been experiencing a check engine light and poor gas mileage for the past 5 months. I have had a P0442 evap leak code but the ex passed emissions and on a scanner it shows that the evap system is ok. Every time I have reset the PCM the system monitors report inconclusive but all of them...