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    P0401 - Replaced Entire EGR System

    Hi all new member here. First things first. I've used the search function and have read all applicable threads before posting. I have a 2010 XLT with a never ending emissions problem. Started with P0401, P0403, P0443, P0455 and finally P0457. I have spent many hours researching, diagnosing...
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    1997 ford f150 4.6l EGR bolts to intake broke

    Hey guys, I have a 1997 f150 with a 4.6l v8, recently I took the throttle body and off to clean the EGR ports that were clogged from carbon buildup, unfortunately when I tried to take off the EGR both bolts holding it in place broke off, now I need to go to a machine shop to get the broken...
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    2021 Explorer EGR Location?

    So I had a check engine light come on on my 2021 explorer xlt checked the ford pass app and scanned it with my tool, and both said EGR high temp. I looked under the hood and found a massive nest of grass on top of the engine, mind you this is a daily driver. where would I find the EGR valve to...
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    2003 explorer, 4.6l v8, loose wire and broken egr tube.

    So my intake manifold was rotted, leaked, and basically died on the road. Got a buddy to tow it, we got the manifold replacement, and fixed it quickly in 6 hours. Found the egr tube was snapped du to rotting, so we Jerry rigged it for now, however I need to fix it or delete it. That's one issue...
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    what are these hoses, are their aftermarket providers?

    2000 explorer xlt, a/c 5.0 litre. what are these hoses and cylinder parts called, and can they be serviced by anyone other than Ford? the loing hose starts at the intake manifold and connects to a valve under LF wheelhouse, The same valve has a second hose which connects to a metal tube in...
  6. L

    Need advice!

    Hello everyone. I have a 2007 Ford Explorer Eddie Bauer edition. I bought this used 3 years ago and have had nothing but trouble. First I had to replace the engine, then have the transmission rebuilt. Yesterday I took it in to have the EGR valve replaced and they called me an hour later stating...
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    O2 and EGR codes reoccurring

    Hi all, I just completed a engine replacement on my 02 Ford Explorer XLT 4.0. Runs and drives great when cold, but once it warms up a couple different codes pop up. When they appear, the engine stumbles when idling to the point that it kills itself. Occasionally, it will hesitate and stumble...
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    Pressure? Temperature? Which one?

    2000 Explorer XLT 2WD 4.0L SOHC JOB1 5-Speed Automatic 5R55E. Can someone confirm the following? Thanks. The EGR system uses a EGR Pressure Sensor... not a EGR Temperature Sensor, right?
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    EGR Valve to Upper Intake Bolt Size and Thread Pitch

    Hey guys! I was hoping that some would know off the top of their head or if they happened to have the bolts that mount the intake tube to the EGR valve. It's a 98 4.0 OHV. When I purchased my vehicle it had incorrect sizes and is currently leaking. To clarify this is the tube that enters the...
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    4.0 SOHC misses on Cyls 1 and 2 after replacing EGR&Fuel Press Sensor

    Good afternoon, Sorry about so many edits but I keep getting new info. See the end. My first post here but I've checked the forum out for many useful items over the years. 2005-4.0 SOHC with 150K but it's been well cared for as I've had it for 10+ years. It usually runs great with 22 mpg but...
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    2003 explorer 4.6l exhaust leak

    i have an exhaust leak at the manifold, im getting 10-11mpg with regular driving and im getting 3 codes for the EGR, o2 sensor and maf sensor. could my exhaust leak be causing all of this? would cutting off exhaust(after o2 sensors) at least temporarily fix my issues?
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    Misfire - EGR - '00 4.0L OHV

    Hello again, So, I'm back with another question. Could a broken, open, EGR tube cause my Misfire issues? I assume that the answer is yes, however I have seen many, and I mean many, different answers about the subject in my search, and figure the Explorer Forum should be my final...
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    New Member... 08 Mountaineer Driving me NUTS

    Hey yall... so I have a 2008 Mercury Mountaineer with 180k miles on it. She runs GREAT! But this "Check fuel inlet" message that keeps showing up on my dash board every time it rains, is driving me insane. Does anyone know how to make it stop? Ive tried cleaning it out and all but it still does...
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    06 explorer p0401

    Hello everyone i am a new member. I have an 06 4.0 explorer that i have been having an error code p0401. I replaced the egr, replaced the intake manifold gaskets, and opened a propane tank around the intake and hoses to search for a vacuum leak to no avail. What else could i check to help my...
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    1996 Explorer v8 5.0 Ticking When Accelerating

    Hi my name is Joel, I am a new member of this forum and just purchase a used 1996 Explorer 5.0 AWD. It has low miles for the year, 105,000, and is in extreamly good condition. My problem with the Explorer is when I start it it has a slight ticking noise that goes away when the car warms up, but...
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    CEL with code P0102 and already replaced MAF. Please help

    My 99 explorer 5.0 has CEL P0102 low voltage MAF sensor. I have replaced the sensor, the connector, throttle body sensor, IAC valve, gaskets and checked for vacumm leak although there seems to be a leak i can't find after the MAF sensor. What else can be causing this code? I can't get it smogged...
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    Trying to track down lean codes (P0171, P0174)

    I have been getting the lean codes for Bank 1 and Bank 2. I clean and replaced MAF. I had previously replaced the famous vacuum elbow (and it's still good). I have had a smoke test done to find any other vacuum leaks. A small amount of smoke came from the EGR, replaced it. The codes have...
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    EGR Tube Nut wont budge

    So was working on my Explorer last weekend, wanting to change out the EGR Valve, as it is froze and rusted. Well I was trying to get the one nut off, and I ended up breaking the EGR Tube off clean at the nut down at the exhaust. So I ordered a new EGR tube, and am ready to put on the new EGR...
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    Explorer v6 EGR valve problem

    Hello, NEED HELP! enquiring about a temporary solution for the holiday season, Parts are difficult to find here in New Zealand! I have had my 05 v6 XLT Explorer diagnosed, misfire piston 1 and a number of error codes, replaced the plugs, (looked like the originals!) then narrowed it down to the...
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    EGR problems, possibly pcm? Please help

    Hey guys a few weeks back my 1998 4.0 OHV Explorer started misfiring bad, not keeping an acceptable idle, and burning tons of unused fuel. It was on my way home from work. Finally the CEL came on as I was parking it. The code brought up was p0402 as I'm sure you know it was excessive EGR flow...
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    New member needing some help

    Hello everyone I have a 98 SOHC V6 in the UK and it is running very rough on cold start ups. I've replaced the PCV valve and the idle air control valve which did make a difference, albeit for the engine to rev quite high every time it's started hot or cold. Is there any suggestions on what I...
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    Engine Tick or exhaust system?

    Hey there! First off, let me start by saying that I am so proud of where ExplorerForum has come! The website looks great, and the community is bigger, better, and more active than ever! Let's begin... For a long time now, I have had an oil leak. I would put 2 quarts of 5W-30 in, and about 3...
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    Yes Virginia, there is such thing as an Italian Tune Up

    Had some problems with a P401 "EGR Flow" message on my 96 Explorer not clearing and decided to try the old Italian Tune Up to see if that would fix it. So today, I was driving the two hours to the bee yard and once I was off of the interstate and out of traffic started to cycle through a series...
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    California smog

    Hello to all knowledgeable folks here at I have a question concerning my 96 ranger 4.0l . I recently put in a new used motor,after the install the engine fired up no problem compression was good on all cylinders,the motor seems to me lacks in power as I remember I like the 4.0...
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    Egr valve hole??

    Hi I changed my egr valve today and the one I picked up from Autozone has a hole that I never seen before on the side of it? The new one makes the truck run worse because of the hole... It just pushs air out like an exhaust leak. Any thoughts or anyone know why that hole is there?