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  1. E

    Have your tried EGR side steps?

    I have looked at the DeeZee running boards and the EGR integrated ones. I am really leaning toward the EGR ones but the drilling required is really turning me off. Anyone have these installed? How do you like them? Photos? Here is a link to the ones I am looking at...
  2. E

    Why does it sound like I'm turbocharged?

    Recently my Explorer has started sounding like it's got a turbo on it when it's under load. She usually only does it under heavy acceleration or going up hills. The driving characteristics haven't changed, but I just wanna know what could be causing that spooling sound? Could it be related to my...
  3. V

    EGR Solenoid and Shuddering Problem

    My '03 Ford Explorer v6 has been shuddering a lot for the past year. It will rev up and down when idle, even stall out occasionally. It has gotten progressively worse so I took it in to a mechanic. They told me to change the Mass Air Flow Sensor and spark plugs. I did so and it worked great...
  4. A

    Code P401still-replaced EGR & DPFE

    I have a 1996 Ford Explorer with a code of p401. We replaced the EGR valve and the DPFE. I am still getting a p401. I erase the code and darned if it does not come back. I want to check for a vacuum leak but I have no idea were the hoses are or where to start. Any other ideas of what to...
  5. E

    Electrical issues with my EGR.

    Alright, Hi again guys. I'm still having EGR issues and it's just now getting bad enough for me to be nervous driving far from home. The entire EGR system is new, replaced the EGR, EVR, and PFE. They all have vacuum, and function correctly when manually tested. However, most of the time...
  6. E

    Eddie Bauer EGR/EVR Issue

    Okay, I posted a thread a while back on a rough idling problem. Thought I had it fixed, but apparently the car thinks otherwise. I keep pulling codes every few times I do something to it and the codes have gone from a consistent 332 to a consistent 335. These codes will not quit, they keep...
  7. R

    EGR system trouble.

    My check engine light came on. I checked the codes. It showed an EGR system code, not exactly sure which one off the top of my head. I replaced the EGR valve and DPFE. Reset the computer, and it still popped up. SO i replaced the EGR vacuum solenoid. Cleared the codes again. Still comes...
  8. B

    EGR valve issues

    Hey all. I've been chasing vac leaks. I have rough idle, flares, fades, stumbles in OD at low rpm. I tested the diaphragm by adding vac and it opens and closes properly. There are tiny holes on the underside of the disk rim. One in the back seems to pull air. Is this a leak, failure of...
  9. J

    P1131 - Engine stumbling and lose of power

    I have a 98 Explorer 4.0 OHV that has been giving headaches for a couple of months. During cold start, the engine idles rough almost like it's missing until I get the engine to 2500 RPM then it smoothes out. Anyway, a couple of month ago, one of the lines to the DPFE had a slice in it so I...
  10. N

    Wrong O2 Sensor?

    (this is over a period of about 6-8 months) To keep a long story short, my 93exp started running like crap and went from 20+ mpg to 14. just changed the plugs and wires 2 months prior. I thought it was a plugged cat so I cut the bottoms out of them and took the stuff out, then welded the...
  11. N

    EGR Valve Tube Leak

    My 2000 4.0 OHV has a leak in the EGR Valve Tube, it has been welded once, so repair is probably not a good option. I had a garage look at it, they are recommending replacing the LH Manifold, the tube, the EGR Valve, because everything is so fused together. One manifold stud is broken, they fear...
  12. H

    Smoke test for Vacuum Leak

    Hey guys..I'm getting the infamous right/left bank running lean on my 2000 Explorer. So I ran a smoke test to see if there was a vacuum leak. The upper intake manifold is def leaking in one spot so I guess I'm replacing the gasket for that for sure. I also saw smoke coming out of the "knob"...
  13. H

    P0402 and P1151 + 1152

    Help needed :) My 96' Explorer runs rough up to about 500rpm. Checked the car with my OBDii code reader, and got 3 codes: P0402 - EGR flow malfunction P1151 - O2 upstream sensor ind. lean P1152 - O2 upstream sensor ind rich Can the reason for my rough engine be caused by the Oxygen...
  14. R

    Cylinder Miss\Rough Run when cold

    Hello all! Hoping someone who is very automotive savvy can help me out here with an intermittent problem my Explorer is having. Please bear with me this is a little long but I want to make sure I'm providing all the needed info. 95' Explorer 2WD 4.0L V6 Pushrod EECIV (No CEL) 237,000miles...
  15. J

    egr location

    dose a 92 explorer 4.0 4x4 have a EGR valve and if so where is it located, and what do i have to remove to get to it?
  16. A

    CEL Confusion

    So I have had my 01 Sport for 4 years and about a year ago the CEL light came on. I took it to a local reapair shop and he claimed he cleaned the EGR valve and the CEL stayed off for about 2 weeks. I have been driving the exploder ever since until last Monday when I scaned the car and got the...
  17. B

    98 EGR tube (4.0 V6 OHV)

    Greetings all, searched the forum for this, didn't find anything so if someone has any info or if this has been discussed help a brother out. Got a 98 XLT V6 OHV, 115K miles. I have a new EGR valve I'd like to put in. I'd fixed my lean codes by replacing all gaskets and vac lines on my...
  18. C

    Fuel Injection Vacuum Line - Extra line

    I had a replacement motor put in by a local mechanic but after picking it up I noticed that my wiper fluid warning was appearing. I checked and noticed that one of the lines was hooked up to the wiper fluid hose! I disconnected it and hooked up the wiper fluid hose where it was supposed to...
  19. A

    locating the egr valve 4.0

    im having a little trouble locating my egr valve. I have looked for it even calling parts houses and using other resources to locate it. am i just an idiot who cant find it or does it not have one(i know some motors did not have this system)
  20. M

    97 Explorer EGR Excessive Flow Question

    I have just bought a 97 Ford Explorer XLT 5.0 AWD that has 195000 miles. The check engine light is on and it had two fault codes. An O2 sensor fault (which I cleared by replacing the Downstream, Pasenger side sensor) and it also has a EGR Excessive flow fault. I took the EGR Vacuum Solenoid off...
  21. M

    Help me with check engine light please!

    My check engine light comes on every time i drive in my 94 X. It comes on after about 2 miles of driving and stays on until i turn my car off. then does it all over again when i drive somewhere else. i did a scan and got codes 335, 327, and 332. Don't know what to replace first. I was thinking...
  22. I

    Changed a non EGR to EGR motor.

    I have a 99 Ranger 4x4 automatic with a 4.0 pushrod motor that went bad so I found a motor out of a 98 explorer and put it in and since then I have been having problems with how the tranny is shifting, also the check eng light is on. It revs up and doesn't shift smooth like it should. Now I had...
  23. T

    I need to find the EGR pipe.

    i own a 94 xlt exp need to find a egr pipe that runs from manifold to egr valve any suggestions would be appreciated
  24. E

    99 4x4 XLS low miles with tons of problems.

    Hey there, This is my first post so I hope that I can get some answers. I have used this forum to fix a number of things on my X and there seems like a never ending list of things that still need to be done. It only has 75k miles on it and I just cant seem to get it to run right. I have...
  25. S

    repair pipe to EGR valve ????/ obd code 0133

    :us:Anybody got a good fix for the pipe going to the EGR valve, besides trying to replace it. It's cracked open on the corragated section.I tried exhaust pipe repair tape and it melted off. Right now I've got brass shim stock around it with hose clamps. Could this be causing the o133 error code...