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  1. R

    95 XLT Codes 17, 32, 63, 332

    Ok, first a little rant. I look up OBDI codes and I get a raft of '94 advice. Very little '95 advice... Not to mention people trying to get me to hook up an OBDII tool to my '95. Please go away, ok? And the Ford manual doesn't seem to document 2-sigit codes... grrr... Now, on to the...
  2. T

    HELP! 93 PCM in a 94? Egr problems...

    Hi everybody- This site has helped me greatly, so I thought I'd join. I own a 94 4.0 4x4 explorer. It needed an engine swap, so I just put a 91 engine in it (My dad wrecked his 91 with a good engine, so it was the only one available). The 94 had EGR but the 91 didn't, and now I'm pulling an...
  3. B

    Lifter noise or exhaust leak?

    I have a 2000 XLT AWD with a 5.0 engine. When I start the engine, there is a rather loud tapping noise coming from the front end of the passenger side of the engine. It begins to quieten after a minute or two of running, but does not go away completely. I first thought it might have been an...
  4. '95 Explorer XLT EGR System

    '95 Explorer XLT EGR System