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electrical problems

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    Electrical issues and swaying issues

    I got a 2007 Ford Explorer Ironman edition. For a while every time I pushed on the gas above about 40mph the entire vehicle shook like crazy. But I got that fixed it was a rear drivers side driveshaft and ball bearing. But now while driving on a dry road. It pretty much is swaying back and forth...
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    A Couple of Mechanical and Equipment Questions

    Hi all! I purchased an '02 Sport Trac w/ Automatic Transmission (I'm uncertain of the trim level), with 250,000 miles from a family member who took extremely good care of it. It has a couple of small issues, mainly: * Driver's door lock only works using key. Electronic locks only work on the...
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    Starter motor won't disengage after (+) battery and starter relay replacement

    My 94 explorer did not start one morning. I diagnosed the problem as a bad (+) battery cable. I replaced the cable and in the midst of reattaching wires to starter relay I snapped a bolt from the relay. Went to Oreilly, got a new starter relay (the rep showed me two options, one was taller and...
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    Electrical Problems Multifuntion switch ?

    I have a 2000 Mercury Mountaineer that did some crazy things this morning ! Started right up (turned on lights and wipers it's snowing out )and while bringing my granddaughter to school the ABS light comes on then center console tells my check Air ride switch ,radio stops working, blower motor...
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    2002 Explorer E.B. Weird Electric Issues

    I have a very well maintained 2002 Explorer Eddie Bauer Edition, 4x2, 4.0. Yesterday, I walk out to my truck and hop in to start it...it is totally dead. Completely. I also notice that my driver side power mirror is broken (just the glass part), as if someone tried to pop off the glass and...
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    Check Charging System Message - Explorer periodically won't start

    I hope I'm posting this in the right place. My husband and I have a 2002 Ford Explorer Eddie Bauer edition. We have been having a problem where the truck simply won't start. The engine will turn over, but it won't start up. We get a "Check Charging System" error message on the dash. Here's...
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    '94 Explorer XLT Fuel Relay problems

    Okay, so I have been researching on here like crazy and I have found some great help on how to resolve my fuel problems, so hopefully I will be able to get some help on this one. I have a '94 Explorer XLT 4X4 that has been intermittently failing to start and failing to continue running. It...
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    96 Explorer, Please Help

    Explorer Specifications: 1996 Ford Explorer XLT 134k miles 4.0L 4X4 Problem: My ford explorer sometimes runs rough and the battery gauge sputters. Sometimes it dies unless I accelerate. When driving it dies at stop signs and check engine comes on, but If I turn it completely off...
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    Newbie with non starting FEST (Ford Explorer Sport Trac 2001)

    Hi everybody, I've got what appear to be some electrical problems any idea of where to start looking in forums here? Thanks
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    Power Window Problems

    I'm having a problem with my front passenger side power window, on my '99 Explorer XLT. I have already replaced the motor, but after doing so my window would go down, but not back up. I thought that maybe the switch was going bad too, so I took the switch off of another window that I knew...
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    2003 Mountaineer Strange Electrical Problem

    Thanks in advance for any help .... New to site! My son drove his '03 Mountaineer (6cyl, 4WD, 160K mi.) home for Christmas break and experienced a strange electrical problem yesterday ... The problem persists today! He says the car was driving normally when the problem starts with the...
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    explorer dead! need help!

    i have a 96 ford explorer xlt 4.0 v6 and i was driving yesterday. me and my buddy where going through the trails and hit a puddle. half way through the puddle the engine stalled and then when trying to start it again it would go click and nothing would happen. all the power in the truck would go...
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    gauge cluster intermittent

    Recently we have noticed that the guages and radio are intermittently switching themselves off and on. The power seat controls are not affected, but I am not sure if the cruise control is. Does anyone have suggestions on how to begin troubleshooting this? Is this the guages themselves or is...
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    My great mess... 95 limited

    This is kind of a long story, but maybe someone has some Ideas I am open for anything. When we came to Canada our first car was a 94 Explorer XLT, and I fell in love with it. But in last December it broke down, and I decided to look for a replacement. I bought a 95 Explorer Limited, and I love...
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    Older guy, older truck (both with problems) <g>

    We previously owned an '87 Bronco II, a delightfully straightforward vehicle. We purchased our '91 Explorer last year. Very clean overall, with just a few minor issues along the way since purchase. My wife had the truck the other day. She said she drove (slowly) through a flooded section...
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    last ditch attempt to avoid replacing transfer case

    New member, first post here.. Have a 2001 explorer 4x4 :us:, auto 4wd, which of course isn't working.. I have been trying to determine if my transfer case is cooked or there is a ray of hope (or ray of death) in the form of an electrical issue. Everything checks out fine as far as...
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    4x4 problems

    hello: I have a 2002 Explorer XLT with the push button 4x4 option. About a year ago, the 4x4 functionality failed and I have been trying to get it sorted ever since. I replaced the motor on the transfer case, checked all relays and fuses and finally replaced the 4xcm transmission control...
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    Interior shifter column lights not working 2006 eddie bauer

    Hi, Im having a issue where my interior shifter column lights are not working. My All my other interior lights are working properly, dash,overhead, map, radio ect. Its not a fuse under the hood or dash. The only thing i have been able to gather from some research is that the bulb is not...
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    Unknown Alternator Problem

    Hello and Thank You in advance for any advice or tips, I have a 94 Ford Explorer XLT, V6, 4L. I have a new battery with new terminals and have just installed a new alternator. I checked the circuit with a test light and have inspected the wiring and everything seems to be connected...
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    Weird electrical problem '06 XLT

    I have a 2006 Explorer XLT with about 85,000 miles on it(original battery). When i tried to start it this morning there was nothing, completely dead, not turing over, nothing. I did however hear some electrical clicking coming from what seemed to be under the steering wheel. I let it sit in...
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    Death of the electric system!

    I went 4x4ing last friday on the same trail ride that I have been on 100's of times before. However I went through a 7-8 inch deep puddle about 15ft wide and my truck died. I went to start it and got nothing... I did the basic checks to see if there was water in my oil, air filter, intake...
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    Turn signal issue.

    Hi everyone.:salute: I am a new member. I have a 1997 XLT which has been chugging along nicely with very little technical complaint. I was wondering, my turn signals, right and left, will flash about 3 times when switched on, then the flashing stops before I make the turn. If I switch them...
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    Battery runs dead

    I have a 1991 explorer that the battery will drain it could be a day or a week I went thru all the fuses looking for a short all o.k. with the key off it is pulling about .5 amps was told thats normal. any ideas.
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    Unexplained electrical draw with the battery going dead.

    Okay here's the problem on my 98 Ford explorer Eddie Bauer. The battery seems to drain complete after about 12 days of use. Supposedly it is new battery with the date stamp of 10/09. Motorcraft (red sticker) with 650 cca. The first time it happened, the repair shop changed out the motor and...
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    Cruise control won't set

    2001 Explorer sport - When I go to set the cruise control, after pushing the "on" button on the left side of the steering wheel, I then push the "set accel" button on the right. The cc light in the instrument panel flashes on for a split second, then goes out. The cruise will not engage. Doesn't...
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    Defrosters stopped working

    Electrical problem: Rear wiper, R defroster, and side mirror defrosters stopped working. What I did to cause it (I think): I had an power converter plugged into my front cigarette lighter plug and overloaded it by charging my laptop. Both items stopped working at the same time, so I have...
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    04' Explorer Electrical Problems??

    I have a 2004 Explorer with some kind of electrical problem. Let me start off by letting you know that I replaced the battery. So what happens: First I noticed that when she sits for a few days, she is hard to start and sometimes needs to be jumped. Next When I turn the key, I noticed...