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  1. DSC_00301


  2. 2016 Explorer Sport

    2016 Explorer Sport

  3. Rear Ford Emblem

    Rear Ford Emblem

    Rear Ford Emblem to match paint colors on car
  4. Rear Sport Badge

    Rear Sport Badge

    Blacked out Sport Badge
  5. Front Ford Emblem

    Front Ford Emblem

    Matched the paint colors of the car to the Ford Emblem
  6. L

    For Sale OEM Ford Blue Oval Badges

    I have two blue oval Ford badges for sale. These were removed from a 2014 Explorer Sport. The back (pictured below) is 7" across, and the front is 9". They are in excellent condition. The adhesive has been fully removed from the back. Would like to sell as a pair, but I'll entertain all offers...
  7. L

    Full-Black Ford Emblems on our Explorer!

    2012 Explorer Emblem Size Hey everyone, New hear as you can see and I have a dumb question. Is the emblem size for the Explorer as follows: 9inch - Front Grill 7inch - Back/Liftgate
  8. M

    Hood Lettering

    Okay, so I want to get some letters made to put on the hood like the 2011 ford explorers @ the 2010 sema show. I know that "Futura is the Land Rover font and Eurostile is the Range Rover lettering font" b/c FLOFFROAD posted this in a past post on this topic. Now, I was looking at...
  9. J

    2003 explorer emblems

    Hey just wondering if any one knows the OEM part number for the rear Ford oval emblem? Im in need for a new one and the hatch i bought for didnt not come with one. Thanks Jesse
  10. 4x4 Tailgate Emblem

    4x4 Tailgate Emblem

    I used this vinyl sticker to cover two holes made by a dealer plate on my tailgate.