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end links

  1. J

    Moog PS End Link Bushings Downgraded?

    I bought a pair of Moog K700542 Problem Solver front end links on Rockauto. It appears as though they have downgraded the bushings. What they claim is polyurethane, and picture solid bushings like the following: What I received instead, looks like they tried to downgrade to thermoplastic...
  2. M

    Rattling when going over bumps

    Hi everyone! I am the proud owner of a 2003 Explorer xlt. I've been having a rattle issue lately in the front end when going over a certain type of bump. It seems it occurs after hitting the bump and the tires fall back to make contact with the ground. (In other words it usually only rattles...
  3. 2

    Rear sway bar links

    I want to change my rear sway bar links but I'm unable to jack the vehicle up at the moment since I have a sloped driveway. I can get to them just fine with the spare tire removed and figured I'd just do it with the wheels on the ground. Is it safe to do that? Or is it dangerous to unbolt the...
  4. J

    Sway bar end links and bushings need advice.

    I have a 2k exp XLT AWD 5.0. Daily driver. Problem is that for the last 2 years i keep tearing up the upper sway arm bushing (the top one). I noticed that the OEM one had literally sheard the bolt off (no damage to the sway arm). I replaced it with a oem one and after about a year i was doing...