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    5R55E Won't Engage In Any Shifter Position

    I have to start by saying I have read many of your transmission posts in the past and they have been very helpful with a third gear issue I had about a half year ago. I adjusted the band and solved that problem. I also must tell you that you are all much more adventurous about working on...
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    4x4 wont engage, light comes on

    I have a 99 explorer xlt 4.0l sohc The light for the 4x4 will come on but it will not engage. When the front is lifted and axle turned by hand with car off, the wheels spin opposite. When ignition is on and 4x4 is turned from auto to high, light turns on but the front axle still rotates...
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    Ranger automatic transmission trouble 1998

    Today there was a loud "POP" somewhere in the front, now the shift lever will shift to anything but not engage any gear. I looked at the linkage and can't see anything wrong, anywhere. I put it in reverse and was able to push it backwards, as though it were giving me a little "assist" in...
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    i need ur help

    I have a 93 Ford explorer , manual transmission. Yesterday I was driving her and all of a sudden I went to downshift and could not shift into gear, it wouldn't let me shift into any gear but reverse. When I let out on the clutch in neutral you could hear a winning noise which would go away...
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    Problem after swapping tranny

    Hi. My 96 Explorer 4.0 SOHC auto had a 4r55e transmission that died a while ago. I found a 98 5r55e box that was working fine i the donorcar. as i read on this forum, i changed over EPC og TCC valves from the 4 speed box. The intension is to get the 5speed box working as a 4 speed. BUT, with...
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    Transmission failure to fully engage

    My 2002 Explorer has almost 90,000 miles on it and the transmission seems like it does not want to fully engage. when i shift into reverse, the car will slowly backup then lurch into gear. The same thing happens when i shift into Drive. It goes from idle to about 12mph then fully engages in...