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engine 4.0

  1. C

    2003 Engine Swap To 2005 Ford Explorer Swap

    Hi This is my first post after becoming a member ;) Im needing to know a simply question to a answer,I think i already know but want to double check with other ford explorer owners.I am a proud owner a 2003 ford 4wd explorer and got a great deal for a 2005 ford 4wd explorer. Both are 4.0 v6...
  2. R

    Swap Vin E with Vin X on 2000 Ford Explorer?

    Hello: I come looking for help. I have a 2000 ford explorer that has not given me much trouble over the years. Then when it broke down it broke hard! Now my 4.0 L SOHC Vin E engine needs to be replaced. I have access to a Vin X engine. Are they interchangeable? What all needs to be...
  3. Ninjakiwi8

    SOLD: Built 4.0 V6, & M90 Supercharger Kit

    Hey guys, I am looking to sell my 4.0 OHV, and my M90 supercharger kit. I recently had the engine rebuilt machining the whole short block and replacing all the parts listed below, the whole engine is pretty much new except for rods and crank. I have all receipts for the parts as well. 3 angle...
  4. X

    04 Sport Trac, replaced engine once already

    Hello, A little backstory to start, we bought the Sport Trac new from the dealership (12 miles on it). We did the normal tuneups/oil changes and basic maintenance. At around 100k the engine decided to die on the way back from a vacation with no warning, the check engine light came on and 5 secs...
  5. N

    2007 XLT :: Best Engine Replacement Brand

    Have a 2007 4.0L V-6 Explorer that overheated and was driven on afterward a bit. Maintenance shop is replacing the water pump and thermostat housing, but I'm betting that the engine will go soon if it hasn't already. What are the best brands to buy a replacement engine? I've read that Jasper is...
  6. S

    2008 explorer 4.0 - DUBAI

    Hi All, This is my first post in this amazing forum, this is a great source of info I live in Dubai and I just got a 2008 explorer 4.0 and I really like the drive, I wanted to improve the engine performance without touching the stock engine and I guess this would be mainly on the intake and...
  7. M

    2007 Eddie Bauer 4.0 Engine swap TROUBLE

    Hi all new here and looking for some help with my current issue with my engine swap. I swapped my engine (07 explorer eddie bauer 4x4, 4.0) with a 05 XLT Explorer 4x4, 4.0. Both engines have the 8th Letter E. Everything went smooth with engine removal and installation. When trying to start it...
  8. J

    Ran my explorer through water

    Okay so I'm a dumb 21 year old who thought he could make it through a flooded road. Learned a lesson real quick. My vehicle starts and I changed my oil, oil filter, air filter, and coolent. But the engine sounds awful (obviously) there seem to be water leaking from my exhaust, and there is a...
  9. J

    1998 Stumbling idol

    My engine stumbles every time it's idling how can I fix it any suggestions
  10. K

    1992 Ford Explorer Sport 4.0L v6 2nd engine noise

    Ive got a question about a ticking noise coming from the center of my engine in my 1992 ford explorer sport 4.0L v6 2wd. Motor shakes really bad and sputters when given gas but starts fine. Idles at about 1500rpm and ticking comes and goes.
  11. G

    2001 4.0 skips, sputters under acceleration

    My exployer has been running fine, went to store come out it started rite up but when i put it in gear and went to accelerate it just skips,sputters and finally cuts off. Revs up in pary but real slow and onlly about 3 to 4k rpm's. Engine lite is also on I ckeck map and it was clean and all...
  12. G

    Engine swap for '94

    I've got a 4.0 SOHC engine out of a 2001 Explorer Sport XLT (2wd, 4 door, auto), and I'm about to attempt to put it into my '94 Explorer Sport (2wd, 2 door, manual). Will it even work? If so, what pointers would anyone have to offer? Thanks in advance.
  13. P

    4.0 Timing Chain trouble, possible replacement engines?

    Well, the timing chains in my v6 flex fuel SOHC finally broke, or slipped, after 210,000 miles. Either way, the engine's done for. I'm having a shop install an engine from a junkyard, or possibly even a Jasper reman engine, if I can find the money. What cars would have an engine that would fit...
  14. C

    New & Confused

    Hey Guys! my name is Courtney and I just purchased my first Ford, a 2002 Explorer XLS 276XXX. I was unfortunately scammed when I bought this vehicle and now we are trying to get the parts and price things to fix it and get it together by next week. So if anyone can help that would be awesome...
  15. J

    03 Explorer XLS Not Starting

    I have a 2003 Explorer XLS with a 4.0 V6 that will not start. It will crank but seems to not be firing. I replaced the spark plugs. It still will not start.
  16. H

    2004 Explorer Cold Starting Problems HELP!!

    I had a 2004 Ford Explorer Eddie Bauer V6 When it gets cold it is super hard to start the car. The car will crank but wont catch, eventually after several tries I can get the car to catch. one of three things will happen, the car will start and go to idle no problem and be ready to drive...
  17. K

    2007 Ford Explorer XLT Engine Replacement

    I currently have a 2007 Ford Explorer XLT 4.0L SOHC, vin E, V6 which needs a new engine. I was reading online and as far as i understand any 4.0L SOHC engine is compatible so that would mean any ford explorer xlt engine between 2006-2008 is compatible with my 2007 ford. Is this true or do i need...
  18. C

    Engine/Accelerating problems

    Hello. I have a 2000 Ford Explorer XLT that is having problems accelerating. I was working fine until I got going up a hill and it kept bogging down and I was putting the pedal all the way to the carpet. I have been putting WD40 on around the coil packs cuz this has worked in the past but this...
  19. C

    please help

    While driving the engine died and will not restart. It will crank but not fire.The engine seems to be getting fuel, the coil is new and delivering spark to all cylinders. I have replaced the crank positioning sensor. I have checked the inertia switch and it has not popped. When I crank the...
  20. B

    02 V6 Engine Noise

    Alright first post on here but my car ran great in the morning, no problems. Go to start it later in the day and suddenly my poor 02 explorer XLS is a mess. Since then she has some trouble starting up sometimes, others she starts right up. Constant ticking/rattling sound that gets worse higher...
  21. D

    Electrical issue?

    I have a 2006 Ford Explorer 4.0 V6 XLT 2WD and it keeps losing power/shutting off, first the ABS light comes on then a few others then all the lights in the car start to dim and turn off , can't use the powers buttons to put window down or up or to open/lock doors. Replaced battery and it worked...
  22. V

    I need help finding similar hoses for my '05 ST (parts are discontinued)

    Hello everybody! A few months ago my 2005 Explorer Sport Trac gear's got in fire and burned all the hoses that are connected to the engine. As the hoses got completely burned a replacement is needed. Over 9 hoses that I need i've found 6 over the internet but there are 3 hoses that appears as...