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engine codes

  1. B

    P2270 code 04 ford explorer

    Hey all Im new to this site but hopefully you all can help My 04 explorer eddie bauer has been throwing the p2270 code every few days Changed the o2 senspr with one from napa a ngk o believe. Voltage stays around .04 v to .2 volts right now at .02 volts idling it takes forever for voltage to...
  2. Ninjakiwi8

    Trouble codes after engine building!

    Hey everyone, so I have a little bit of a problem. Recently I pulled out my 99 4.0 cologne ohv and rebuilt using 422 comp can, different lifters, ect ect. Anyways the build went fine and we installed back into the truck. Connected all the wiring harness back to the 5R55e trans. Well I've driven...
  3. 0

    Engine codes po059, po135, po155

    Hi guys, New member here first time question... I own an 03 explorer limited 4.6 awd.. Getting codes from a s.e.s light po059, po135 and po155.. All 3 codes came after replacing the intake manifold due to a coolant leak at the thermostat housing.. Also replaced the intake manifold gaskets...
  4. H

    Banks 1 & 2 too lean 97 Explorer?? HELP

    Hi, i have a 97 Explorer V6 4.0 with the codes for lean banks 1 & 2. Sitting at idle it has sort of a surge or hesitation but has no trouble accelerating. I have only had this Explorer for about 2 months and no issues til now. I did put seafoam in the gas tank when i first bought it and...
  5. T

    error code help

    hi i have a 93 explorer 4x4 and i have four engine error codes that i dont know how to fix. the first code is: 335-EGR sensor voltage out of range the second code is: 124-throttle position sensor voltage higher than expected the third code is: 327-EGR valve pressure transducer/postion...
  6. C

    Cel on for months

    Ok changed fule pump 2x fuel tank fuel filtter 3x. And it wont stop pullin bank 1 bank 2 system too lean also changed temp sensor could it be a vaccum leak I cant find any thing bout alot of part I do all my own work some one tell me where to start.
  7. S

    Damn Engine light

    First off let me say thank you all for simply lending your knowledge and support. Now for the meat of it, I have a 98 SOHC 4x4 thats on its third motor (everything else just keeps going so why not) any how last motor got a bad knock but still ran great but nsince I had another motor laying...
  8. S

    Elec problems and tranny problems

    Welp dont know where to start...got this car for basically nothing because of all of the problems. where to start welp its a 2002 mountaineer 4.6 and you go to crank it up...if it decides to and it basically idles at 2-3 grand. you mash the gas and it revs back down really slow. Also the o/d...
  9. D

    Ford and trans shop can't figure it out- still killing!

    I have discovered that the weather temp has a lot to do with the killing problem I am having- when I drove it on a 70 degree day, it only killed 2 times (idling at stoplights), when I drove it on a 90 degree day it killed virtually every time I stopped, and put it in reverse. Even chugged a bit...
  10. D

    2002 V8, Ford replaced a bunch of sensors- still stalling, killing, help!!

    I've been reading about some similar codes issues here, but have not found the fix yet, and I'm into my local dealership for more than 1,000k and they still can't figure it out- I'm a single mom-help!! Repair#1: started 2 months ago on an interstate freeway in Iowa, car died and alt. gauge...
  11. E

    95 XLT intermitent check engine light - I have the codes :)

    Hey all, This is my first post, but I have been reading this forum for some time now. Its great the wealth of knowledge and the help that is here. I have a 1995 XLT that came from Florida last year. I have had no major problems with it at all, so far. It sat idle in a snow drift for 3...
  12. V

    Tachometer reading for Ford Ranger 2005

    Hi, I installed a GPS/GSM tracker on a Ford Ranger 2005. And using the tracker, i would like to get the engine revolution. The tracker has an analog input and CAN option(Can high and Can low) that can be connected to the outlet socket of the ECU of the vehicle . I would like to know...
  13. E

    P0171 and P0174 troubles

    I have read many blogs on this subject and maybe someone here can help. I have a 2000 explorer with a 4.0 SOHC engine with 174000 miles on it. In the last year I have had a new computer, new MAF, new O2 Sensors, new head gaskets and the idle control replaced. (Cannot remember the name). I...