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engine noise

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    08 4.6L engine ticking noise under load.

    08 4.6 with 136k on it. I got it with 60k and it has been religiously maintained in all aspects. Oil & filter every 4-6K with synthetic oil. Today on a 90 mile trip I noticed part way into the trip as I was accelerating on an on-ramp, I heard a faint ticking. The ticking is not there at ANY...
  2. L

    Rattling Sound From Engine

    When I start the car or the accelerator pedal is pressed I hear a rattling sound. On one occasion I noticed an Oil Pressure warning. Also the Check Engine light is on. Anyone experienced this problem?
  3. T

    Sounds like a diesel... yikes!

    I have an issue that seems to be common to 02 Explorers (4.0 2 wheel drive, 212k) Let me say 1st, I'm like the princess and the pea, if something is wrong with my truck, I may not know exactly what it is immediately but I definitely notice instantly. I take excellent care of my vehicle, all...
  4. H

    Can anyone identify this ticking? 2000 Ford Explorer V6 4x4 XLT SOHC

    Just changed the oil, added quart of mmo. New sparks and wires yesterday and a new left upper timing chain tensioner (thought this was the cause of the rattling, good swap anyhow as the previous owner installed the wrong tensioner it seems, flat instead of the tall one). My only guess is...
  5. B

    1993 Explorer XLT - Garaged for ten years

    I’m new to the forum and reading all the experiences here has been super helpful. Short Version - What do you think of the engine sounds in these videos: Just inherited a 1993 Explorer XLT and have had a heck of a time trying to get running. I live in New York and the Explorer sat in my...
  6. R

    No oil pressure at idle

    I bought a clean 2002 Explorer 4x4 XLT to fix up. The engine sounded like a diesel and had no oil pressure at idle after warming up. I began by researching threads here and changing out upper timing chain tensioners. I also removed lower oil pan and cleaned out metal shavings and one metal ear...
  7. L

    Occasional noise coming from engine

    First off I would like to apologize if this has been covered somewhere else, and if it has please point me in that direction. My transmission of my 2004 Explorer recently came out (couldn't really be mad, lasted 189,000 miles and cost $2500 for a rebuild with warranty) and my car seemed to be...
  8. M

    V-8 growling under load only after warm

    Hi Folks, I couldn't seem to find another post that matched my symptoms. I have a 2002 Explorer with V-8 engine. On a cold crank, it sounds as good as it did the day I bought it…for about 3-4 miles. Then, under load, I hear a growling noise coming from the engine on the driver's side...
  9. R

    2003 4.0L - Need Engine Technician !!

    I have a 2003 Mercury Mountaineer 4.0L SOHC with the letter "K" in the VIN. On here to try and get some information on the timing and adjustments on the engine itself. I had recently rebuilt a the 4.0 in my truck because it broke a timing chain and all the guides, hardware and more. After full...
  10. P

    Strange Engine Noise 08 Explorer 4.0L V6 SOHC

    Below is a video I took yesterday of a squeaking noise coming from the front of my engine. Once again, it is a 4.0L V6 SOHC engine. Issue Specifics My explorer has been making this sound on and off for at least a month now. It only makes this sound after setting for a long period of...
  11. B

    (Audio) Loud metallic loose rattle/ticking noise (video)

    Hey everyone, I have a challenge for some of you... My explorer (1999 4.0L SOHC) recently started making a metallic rattling noise when driving/idling. I made a video in hopes that someone could recognize that noise, well I made a few in case the shorter version isn't clear enough. I hear it...
  12. K

    Wind tunnel in cold air intake

    just had an engine swap recently and trying to work out a few bugs. there is a loud sucking sound coming from the intake. it sounds like a wind tunnel pulling in air. it comes and goes with a slight fluctuation in rpms when it happens. not pulling a check engine code. just sounds nasty...
  13. C

    Is A/C Failing?

    I started hearing a new noise a few weeks ago under the hood but couldn't isolate it. I thought it might be a failing A/C compressor as this was a problem recently with my daughter's car. Took it to the shop and they took off the belt and said that the belt tensioner needed to be replaced...
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    Whining Noise 5.0L Mountaineer

    My 1999 Mountaineer 5.0 L V8 has been making a whining noise as long as i can remember. The noise always seems to be present and comes from the front of the engine. We had serpentine belt replaced and noise still continued. It seems to be the loudest on the front of the engine, passenger side...
  15. O

    Ticking from engine

    Hey this is my first thread I have a 99 5.0 explorer xlt I have been giving myself oil changes since 2004 just recently it began to tick speed increases with more speed So I put some lucas oil additive in with last oil change and now the ticking is louder than ever just wanted some advice...
  16. M

    Noisy Engine - 1997 Ford Explorer

    Help! Trying to figure out what this noise is coming from my engine! The SUV has a small coolant leak and the check engine light comes on periodically, but other than that it has been running pretty well until this noise started a few days ago I took a short video using my iphone to capture...
  17. J

    2003 Explorer engine valve knock.

    Hello, Can anyone tell me what the problem can be? My Explorer all of a sudden started having a knocking sound. Not sure what it can be. Please advise....
  18. K

    hello from new member

    I'm getting quite a :D good deal on a 2002 Explorer XLT but it has a knocking sound in the engine :( . Not sure if it's the rocker arm, lifters or what. The sound is continuous and becomes faster when the engine is revved up. What could the problem be, what parts may need to be changed, and how...
  19. P

    Urgent help needed

    Newbie here, found this forum online for a search for help with a major problem with my Explorer's 4.0 engine. A couple of years ago, I was told that the exhaust manifold was leaking and I was advised to get some sealant to put on the leak which was right at the manifold on the drivers side...