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engine replacement 4.0l

  1. K

    2007 Ford Explorer XLT Engine Replacement

    I currently have a 2007 Ford Explorer XLT 4.0L SOHC, vin E, V6 which needs a new engine. I was reading online and as far as i understand any 4.0L SOHC engine is compatible so that would mean any ford explorer xlt engine between 2006-2008 is compatible with my 2007 ford. Is this true or do i need...
  2. T

    2001 F/E xlt

    :eek:Hey, I have a 2001 Explorer with the drivers side valve train failure. There is a local engine advertised out of a 2000, but the guy says his mechanic says that it will only fit a 2X4. What the heck is he talking about? btw- is MY mechanic just trying to sell me a new motor?
  3. J

    2003 Rear Timing Chain

    Hello everyone, This is my 1st post so I apologize for any errors I might make. I had my 2003 Explorer towed to a local mechanic shop after my son said he heard a "ticking" sound. I assumed it was lifters but the mechanic said after his inspection that it was the rear timing chain and it...
  4. J

    Which engine is best to "tune"

    I have a 1996 sport with the pushrod engine. I can either rebuild this engine and "tune" it up in the process, find an OHC to "tune", or get a 5.0 and drop it in my sport (you don't have to tell me how much work it would be to drop the 5.0 in). With cost, horsepower, durability, and...
  5. The XHunter

    engine/transmission...i need options

    My 1994 Limited 4x4 explorer 4.0 L engine and a4ld tranny is about to die. I am looking for a low km replacement but can't find it here in northern alberta. I was wondering if there are other vehicles I could get an engine from....like an aerostar or a later model explorer..I need...