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engine swap

  1. C

    Yet another ‘04 4.0 to 4.6 Swap

    Hello! I know, this has been asked before. But wait, read on. I have an ‘04 Ford Explorer XLT 4x4 with the 4.0 and a donor with 4.6 AWD. I’d like to keep the 4wd instead of using AWD. When I swap everything over, will the t-case from the 4.0 work with the 4.6? thank you!
  2. Kiliona

    Cummins First Gen Build Thread (no really)

    Hello Everyone! I’ve been a member of this forum for a long time – apparently since 2013. However, in recent years I haven’t been spending as much time here unfortunately due to neglecting my exploder. Well the exploder is back and its finally time for me to post a build thread! Most...
  3. C

    2003 Engine Swap To 2005 Ford Explorer Swap

    Hi This is my first post after becoming a member ;) Im needing to know a simply question to a answer,I think i already know but want to double check with other ford explorer owners.I am a proud owner a 2003 ford 4wd explorer and got a great deal for a 2005 ford 4wd explorer. Both are 4.0 v6...
  4. C

    4.0 sohc swap to 4.0 ohv

    I just purchased a 98 explorer xlt sans engine, Stock it had the 4.0 sohc. I have a 98 xl with 4.0 ohv. My ohv is still running strong but the NY salt ate her body all to hell. The sohc is from South Carolina and is rust free. I want to put my ohv in it. Here is my conundrum, when it comes...
  5. F

    Best Company To Buy A Remanufactured 4.6 From

    I have 238k on my current 4.6L V8 and am currently looking to purchase a remanufactured 4.6 to swap in my 2006 Ex. I'm looking at powertrain products inc online. Has anyone bought anything from these guys? They claim that their remanufactured motors are better quality than the original motors...
  6. timber22

    93 Ex - 4.0L Swap for a Crate Engine?

    What it do everyone? I've been looking into options for my 93 Ex and putting a new engine in it. I was looking for something with a little more power than the original 4.0L I currently have in it. I was just curious what kind of swaps people have done with their Exs and what would ideally be...
  7. G

    Coyote engine swap

    I’ve been a gear head all my life and frankly I’m getting bored. It seems like we have so many performance SUVs on the market and Ford is grossly misrepresented. I currently have a ‘16 sport and I was looking for information on swapping out the engine for a modular coyote engine. Has anyone...
  8. W

    Engine swap from 2004 explorer to 2005

    What is the difference between 4.0L engine out of a 2004 ford explorer and 4.0L engine out of a 2005 ford explorer
  9. P

    4.0 Timing Chain trouble, possible replacement engines?

    Well, the timing chains in my v6 flex fuel SOHC finally broke, or slipped, after 210,000 miles. Either way, the engine's done for. I'm having a shop install an engine from a junkyard, or possibly even a Jasper reman engine, if I can find the money. What cars would have an engine that would fit...
  10. B

    2002 Explorer XLT with significant body damage. want to buy a vehicle with blown motor and swap mine

    I have a 2002 Ford Explorer ELT that was bought and paid for. I loved my Explorer. I was hit on my passenger side by a drunk driver with no insurance (no... I didn't have full coverage). Both passenger side doors are severely damaged. I was planning on buying two new doors and replacing, but the...
  11. F

    2001 Sports Trac V8 swap

    I have recently inherited my fathers 2001 Sports Trac and I love this truck! It currently has a 4.0L V6! Its a powerful engine, but it has an engine tick and its leaking oil pretty bad! My plans are going to turn it into a drag truck but that v6 isn't going to cut it for me! That being said, i...
  12. 0

    Engine install issue

    Hi eveeyone, just joined the site and am hoping for a little help with my issue... 2006 explorer 4x4 4.0L sohc... Im doing an engine swap, old engine is out and new (used) engine it in on the mounts and 4 bell housing started. All bolts are loose to allow for some wiggle room. I thought i may...
  13. D

    Ford Sport Trac timing problems

    Hello, So I have a Ford Sport Trac 2001. It started doing a loud rattle and my driver side valve cover cracked. I had some mechanics look at it and after opening it up they found some broken plastic rail pieces and said the timing had jump. They said they couldn't do the job and that it would be...
  14. rewind1

    Body Swap (or My Explorer is Rotted to $#!T, Help Me!)

    I have been driving my 2003 Eddie Bauer for the past 4 years. I have been pretty happy with it until recently. I let a lot of issues build up and became very frustrated with all of them (I will detail these issues later). I was considering getting something else, but I changed my mind and...
  15. J

    96 engine swap into a 95

    hey i just swapped a 96 4.0 into my 95 and im having issues with it missfiring acting like the timing is off but i thought they were comp controlled any help will be glad im going nuts tryin to figure it out
  16. B

    2003 Ford Exploder Engine Replacement Questions

    Ok, so at 160k my oil feeder tube decided it liked the plastic in the bottom of the oil pan, and, long story short, engine went boom. SO. I am buying an engine from a site that rates and sells them relatively cheap and was wondering if anyone had a step by step or at least tips for removing the...
  17. M

    new with lots of ?.

    hello,im mark from Tn,i just bought a 03 explorer and a 02 explorer xlt 4-wd both with the 4.0 engine.the 02 was being driven 2 weeks ago,the guy said the oil pressure started dropping and it finally just quit,seems his oil descending unit plug started leaking and leaked out all the oil,he was...
  18. J

    mercury mountaineer 1997 5.0L v8 engine swap

    hey guys. i have a mercury mountaineer 1997 AWD 5.0 L v8 engine and i want to know if its possible to do an engine swap, i was thinking on removing the v8 engine and replace it with a 6 cylinder engine from an explorer or ranger, is this even possible? :( i love my truck and i dont want to...
  19. K

    Wind tunnel in cold air intake

    just had an engine swap recently and trying to work out a few bugs. there is a loud sucking sound coming from the intake. it sounds like a wind tunnel pulling in air. it comes and goes with a slight fluctuation in rpms when it happens. not pulling a check engine code. just sounds nasty...
  20. K

    Engine.Swap kinks

    I just had a rebuilt 4.6 installed in my 02 Explorer. There's stress a few kinks that need to be worked out. I was wondering if someone can lead me in right direction. Since the swap, I've been getting the check engine light and check fuel cap. The code is for evap emissions. The...
  21. E

    Swap to 4.0 Ranger Engine and manual 4x4 transmission...Thoughts/advice?

    Hello all - i'm new to the forum and would greatly appreciate your insights.... Background: My '06 4.0L 4x4 explorer's engine recently bit the dust. The truck is still in great condition and i'm evaluating my options. The engine must be replaced and before the engine died the transmission...
  22. 1

    5.0 Swap 92 2wd

    I finally did it. After many months of idle. I bit the bullet and bought a 5.0/C4 combo from a workmate/friend. This unit originally was from a mustang I am told. Previous owner converted it from F.I. to Holley 4-BBL and Edelbrock performer intake. It was used in a 32 Ford rod, and replaced when...
  23. M

    Loss of compression #4 cylinder, need some advice

    Just to give you all some background info I'll tell the story that lead to this dead cylinder in my explorer. It's a 97 XLT with the 302 v8 and all wheel drive. My radiator started leaking coolant early last month, suspiciously a couple days after getting some recall work done by the ford...
  24. M

    2007 Explorer Limited engine Replacement

    Hello all, and nice to meet you- I just bought an 07 explorer limited with a 4.6 and it might need an engine. If someone could answer this question for me I would be very grateful. I can get my hands on a 4.6 motor out of the same year F150. will it drop right in or are they different in some...
  25. L

    Can you swap a supercharged v6 into an 99 Explorer?

    Hello there, I have a 1999 Explorer Eddie Bauer Edition 4WD and am contemplating an engine swap. I currently have the big heavy 5.0 under the hood but was wanting to swap to something smaller lighter and that gets better fuel economy. And as it happens I have a 92 Supercoupe with the...