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  1. A

    I messed up very badly

    I was doing my injectors and one of them came out and I noticed the o ring and the tiny plastic piece went into the engine. So I already knew this was done for at that point but I stuck this long skinny pencil down there to see if I could feel it and I didn’t. Pulled the pencil out and placed it...
  2. C

    Thinking About Buying A 2WD V6 With Salvage Title

    MY beloved 2000 Limited V8 AWD Explorer took a hit. A forklift driver hit me in the Walmart parking lot and did enough damage to prevent me from taking a trip I've been planning for almost a year. I'm looking at a few different options. I can either spend a $5-10k and get something as nice as...
  3. C

    2010 4.0L - Brief Squeak/chirp at startup

    140k miles. I changed my spark plugs and wires on my 4.0L 2010. It seems to have started after that. I did have to pull my alternator to get the wires routed. I tried carefully spraying wd40 on the bearing part of each pulley. Then sprayed the pulleys with carb cleaner. Replaced the belt...
  4. C

    engine dempfer

    Have a nice day, everyone. I stumbled upon this part by accident in the Ford catalog. According to the description, it was installed from 10/01/1992 to 11/30/1994. and has the number 1 080 162. I was looking for information on it. Found nothing. Maybe someone has such a detail on the vehicle or...
  5. C

    Yet another ‘04 4.0 to 4.6 Swap

    Hello! I know, this has been asked before. But wait, read on. I have an ‘04 Ford Explorer XLT 4x4 with the 4.0 and a donor with 4.6 AWD. I’d like to keep the 4wd instead of using AWD. When I swap everything over, will the t-case from the 4.0 work with the 4.6? thank you!
  6. cober

    Engine boils when stop

    When I stop an engine, it starts to boil. This happens when really hot outside. What is your thoughts about it?
  7. L

    Best v8 engine replacement for 2000 explorer

    I finally found a nice 2000 Ford Explorer Limited v8 4x4 but there is a loud noise coming from the engine. So I am considering doing an engine swap with a crate engine. What is the best, most reliable, crate engine? Should I 'enhance' the engine?
  8. H

    Hissing sound after engine is shut off

    2006 eb v8 ex. Usually after a good drive when I shut my engine off it makes a hissing sound almost like something depressurizing, I listened to it with the hood popped and it sounds like it's coming from the ac area on the passenger side, I've noticed that there will be random leaks, there's...
  9. 2

    4.0L Engine Year Compatibility?

    Well, 230k miles and the timing chain gave out on my '03 4.0L without warning. I'd like to put a used engine back in the car, already have the old one out, and figure $800 or less for an engine with under 150k miles is worth it, and for sure put new gears, chain, and tensioners in it. I'm pretty...
  10. P

    Transmission Behavior Change After Extended Highway Driving

    Does anyone else have issues with shifting after being in overdrive for a while on the highway? I have been driving this thing for 6 years, 75k miles, this issue has been present the whole time. After an hour or so on the highway the shift out of the top two gears occasionally gets kinda...
  11. P

    Any EcoBoost Engineers in here? EcoBoost Intercooler Condensation Solution?

    Just watched a video of some guy complaining about F150's and said he would never buy ford again. The issue seemed simply to resolve, curious what has been tried or if/how the issue has been resolved. The issue was water build up in the intercooler, which meant a quick jab at the throttle would...
  12. N

    2007 XLT :: Best Engine Replacement Brand

    Have a 2007 4.0L V-6 Explorer that overheated and was driven on afterward a bit. Maintenance shop is replacing the water pump and thermostat housing, but I'm betting that the engine will go soon if it hasn't already. What are the best brands to buy a replacement engine? I've read that Jasper is...
  13. B


    hi, I purchased a 2003 explorer a month ago after someone totaled my car. I thought it would be ok since it only had 77 original miles. It seemed to be fine until this morning I drove about a mile away and had trouble getting it started. I thought it was a dead battery but after getting it...
  14. E

    Early 4.0 into a Second Gen Explorer

    I've already searched around in the threads and can't find anyone who's mentioned doing this. I'm building a 4.0 that came from a 93 Sport to put into my 97 XLT. I've noticed the block casting is different, specifically for the motor mount bolts. Has anyone swapped an early 4.0 into a second...
  15. T

    93 Ex - 4.0L Swap for a Crate Engine?

    What it do everyone? I've been looking into options for my 93 Ex and putting a new engine in it. I was looking for something with a little more power than the original 4.0L I currently have in it. I was just curious what kind of swaps people have done with their Exs and what would ideally be...
  16. D

    2008 Mercury Mountaineer 4.6 AWD (Ford Explorer) Engine Replacement

    I am having to replace the engine on a 2008 Mercury Mountaineer 4.6 and am looking for any advice, recommendations, tricks and instructions. We've already grabbed a used engine from a local salvage yard. I should be able to get the instructions off of All Data but was wondering if anyone had any...
  17. Indispensable Explorer

    Check Engine Light with Code 214.

    When I started my Explorer this afternoon(4.0 OHV with 300k) I saw the dreaded Check Engine light. The light came on about a year ago but went off before I could check the engine. I popped the hood and used a paper clip to check the codes, 633(Vehicle must be in 2x4 high or 4x4 high. My gem...
  18. D

    2004 Explorer XLT Squeaking, need help.

    So I cannot get my 2004 Ford Explorer XLT to stop an engine squeak. So far I have changed my belt 2x, changed my Idler Pulley, and now changed out my Tensioner pulley and the tensioner arm. I'm stuck don't know what else to look at for the squeak. I'm attaching a video of the sound and I'm...
  19. M

    Engine Rattle (Lessened after oil change)

    2003 Explorer XLT 4.0 AWD So I had what I figured was the typical timing chain rattle on the v6 explorer. Was loud at idle and also above 2500 rpm. So I did an oil change and also dropped the pan, what I found was nothing, no metal shavings, no plastic guide pieces, nothing, just used oil. I...
  20. C

    Should I spend money fixing car?

    I have a 1997 mercury mountaineer with 228k and should I keep doing maintenance on it or let it run till it dies? It drives fine but I just don't know how well it was maintained so it's sort of risky as I don't know how long it will last am I just turned 18 and I like the experience and knowing...
  21. S

    Ranger 3.0 heads question

    Well my girlfriends 2004 ranger edge has a recessed exhaust valve, so it’s time for new heads. Ive been looking around but haven’t really found all that much. I know the stock ones are built crappy, but what’s a good aftermarket set to throw on? I figure we should get new valves for it as well...
  22. M

    2002 Sport Trac - Best and easiest Swap?

    As titled, I am looking for the cheapest, and easiest swap for this truck. Its the 4.0 sohc with the rattle of death at 206k miles, original everything. Ill be driving it as is until the timing chain finally goes all the way, it rattles like ****, it sounds like ****, but drives decent. It is...
  23. R

    KNocking without the metal shavings

    I have a 92 ford explorer v6 4x4 5 speed. I did a oil change to it a couple weeks ago and it started making a "knocking noise" so I decided to go till next oil change and open up the filter which had no metal nor did the oil have any that I could notice. It only makes its peak loudness at 900...
  24. S

    05 XLT 2WD 4.6 Engine swap

    I have started the process of pulling out the 4.6 v8 from my Explorer. I am going to be putting in a used one with a about 130K on it. What kind of things should I change when I put in my new one? So far here is what I have listed AC Recharge Fuel Injectors Fuel Filter Spark Plugs & Wires...
  25. M

    Shaky Engine - Wiggle room

    Hello! Seems like my engine has some wiggle room. When I start the truck -- or shut it off, for that matter -- it sort of "shakes"... When idling, there's an occasional, unpredictable shaky feeling as well. It's not necessarily that it runs rough, but it's like SOMETIMES, some of the...