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    Blind spot / cross traffic sensor / transmission not in park / all alerts intermittently going off

    Hi, I've searched all over the web for help with issues were encountering with our explorer and have not had much luck. We have a 2019 Explorer Sport, with just over 35K miles on it. Recently, we have been getting error alerts of all kinds. It runs/drives fine with no hesitation or stutter...
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    Search Broken? A Server Error Occurred

    Don't recall when the last time was that I did a forum search, but now, using two different browsers I get the same error message: "Oops! We ran into some problems. A server error occurred. Please try again later." Example search on this page: Search threads Input keywords: mileage (other...
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    2012 Explorer ABS light, Hill Descent, , Terrain Management, Check Brake System

    Hey all I bought a 2012 Base model explorer yesterday and it came with these errors: Hill descent control fault, Terrain management fault, Check Brake system, and service Advancetrac. The truck drives perfectly and shifts just fine. Took the car to autozone and they said the battery was fine...
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    1995 Exp 4L Check Engine light

    Car sat for a month and out of the blue on first start the CEL came on after 1-2 min. Shut car off then restarted and CEL came on again after 2 min or so. Checked the fuel cap and it was tight. Tried to scan and I get a Linking Error message on my scanner. Condition repeats itself now...
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    Explorer 2011 SD Card Nav Error

    Hello I just have this error from my Explorer 2011 that says it cannot reads the SD card for the maps I have the Map Version B1, the card appears to be perfect, and I get this error all the time since 1 week ago. I just insert the card today in my computer to see if I got a similar error...
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    error code p1506

    To start off p1506 is idle air control overspeed error. I've had it for bout a month now I have replaced the iac valve and im still getting error turned throttle down it idles and runs fine but it just keeps the cel on and its getting rather annoying. If anyone has the solution it'd be greatly...