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  1. E

    2016, 2017, 2018 Explorer Sport Trim- Why?

    Well, I've sold my previous vehicle and I am now a soon to be explorer owner. Finding exactly what I'm looking for has proven to be a challenge so far. I'm hoping I can get some input from actual owners on here, maybe pointing out aspects I have overlooked. Dealerships tend to be extremely bias...
  2. P

    2015 Ford Explorer Limited stalling at intersections/idle

    Hello all, Explorer is at 82000 miles and have had no accidents. I am currently in a pickle. I am having an issue with my explorer stalling in dangerous spots. I will be driving in the morning, and typically in intermittent stop and go traffic, after about 25 min of driving, my car will start...
  3. DeLeSaAZ

    Does tinkering/adding this/that affect warranty OR ESP?

    I bought my 16 Limited 9 months old, it has 24k miles (I drive maybe 10k year). We're looking at purchasing a 7 year Premium Care ESP - with the help of the Forum, Zeigler Auto Group so far seems to have the best rates for the Ford plan. If anyone has other suggestions, I'm more than willing to...
  4. 1

    Driver Sun visor shorted out not covered by ESP

    Had my Ex for a little over a year and my driver side visor has shorted out. Took it to the dealer and they want $400 to fix. It is not covered under extended warranty. WTF! Anyone else had there's short out?
  5. Flounder

    Ford Extended Service Plans (ESP)

    And, to update, heard from Zeigler, and also confirmed with Ford Customer Service: ESP Premium Care, 84 months, 60K miles, shows on system by VIN. Great price, great purchasing experience, etc. Would recommend Zeigler in a heartbeat.