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  1. S

    Liquid fuel in Evap system. Fuel tank/ lift pump issues?

    Have had quite a few looks over the past couple weeks for answers to this issue. I apologize if it’s been answered. For starters picked up a 2013 3.5 eco explorer from auction. 315000km. Was told the turbos had been replaced 15000km ago and the converters have been cut out. Gave the vehicle a...
  2. JSWarrell

    How to: Fuel Vapor Line Repair (EVAP)

    So this is more of a "How I did it" rather than a How-to, but I decided to fully document my repair as I found no info on this before. I don't know how helpful this will be for 91-92 owners, but I'm guessing the only real difference in the systems is that the vapor canister is in a slightly...
  3. G

    P0446 code evap issues

    I have a 2005 Ford Explorer 4.0 that had trouble filling gas since it didn’t let the handle get locked, it will pop out all the time. First I tested the vent valve solenoid conector and it didn’t have energy (I tested it with those lamp testers) so I blowed Air into the vent hose to check if the...
  4. N

    2002 Explorer Sport Trac: P0171, P0174, P1401, P1451 at the same time

    Hi there! My 4.0L SOHC engine has been running quite poor in the morning lately. While I realize that when it's very cold outside the engine will take longer to start, I did not expect it to be extraordinarily loud (consistently greater than 95 dB on my phone's microphone) and very rough...
  5. P

    No electrical connection to EVAP charcoal canister

    Hi, I am checking the charcoal canister on my 96 ex ohv since I get a fault in the vapour purge according to Forscan. No code or warning light tho. What I found was that this canister has some kind of a valve or solenoid but no electrical connector attached. Neither can I found a cable to...
  6. J

    Camshaft Position Sensor/Electrical Problems

    As stated in a previous post, I have multiple codes on my 2003 Ford Explorer Centennial Edition, 4.6L. After testing my alternator I figured most of them were due to it being weak. After removing countless alternators at the junkyard and testing them outside of the vehicle, I finally found one...
  7. S

    New Member... 08 Mountaineer Driving me NUTS

    Hey yall... so I have a 2008 Mercury Mountaineer with 180k miles on it. She runs GREAT! But this "Check fuel inlet" message that keeps showing up on my dash board every time it rains, is driving me insane. Does anyone know how to make it stop? Ive tried cleaning it out and all but it still does...
  8. T

    Help me identify evap service port?

    I’m looking for a replacement, it broke off and I don’t know the name of it or where to find. White quick connect from evap purge valve to intake I believe
  9. M

    Canister Vent Solenoid Location

    Hey guys and gals, I have a 2002 Explorer Sport Trac, with code P1451. It is an emissions thing and a little research says it is either a faulty circuit to the Canister Vent Solenoid (CVS) or a bad CVS. My Questions is: Where is this damn thing located, and how can I fix it to get rid of the...
  10. 3

    Need Adice on Discconecting Vapor Tube from Vapor Evap Check Valve on Fuel tank

    I am now hanged up on dropping my 21 gallon tank by the vapor tube not disconnecting from the Evap Vapor Check Valve. the tank is partially down a few inches. I take it that these connectors are removed by pressing in both tabs on the female connector, right? I feel like the far side seems to...
  11. R

    99 Explorer XL 4.0L OHV - Hard to Start, Rough Idle, Loss of Power, Engine Shake

    Hello Good day to All, I bought a 99 Explorer XL 4.0L OHV engine. For 3 months it run really well until it experienced this symptom. When starting the engine at cold temp it requires about 3 or 5 key turns before it starts. When it starts it will just stall for at least 3 times then the engine...
  12. K

    2007 Ford Explorer - never ending Check Engine Light loop...

    Hi all, 2007 Ford Explorer Eddie Bauer - about 116,000 miles on it. Honestly, it has treated me great - and I have also treated it great in return. Always up on the scheduled maintenance, and I've probably done more things to it that are not "needed" (depending on who you talk to) than most -...
  13. K

    2001 Explorer XLT EVAP LINE

    Does anyone know where to buy evap lines for the above explorer. My guy called ford and said they are discontinued. Thanks
  14. E

    Receiving Trouble Codes P0135, P0141, P0155, P0161, P0403, P0443, P0446

    I have a 2005 explorer and was driving back from the mountains and the service engine light came on. Took it to advance auto parts and trouble codes P0135, P0141, P0155, P0161, P0403, P0443 and P0446 came up. The first four are for the o2 sensors. P0403 is related to the EGR assembly and P0443...
  15. L

    P0442 Evap Leak - 2006 Explorer XLT 4.0L

    Hello, I have an '06 Explorer XLT with a 4.0L with DTC P0442. I can hear a pinhole leak coming from either under the hood or floor board area. I am not sure if it has to do with the Evap code, but I bet it does though. Are there any common problems with vapor hoses leaking or something similar...
  16. K

    Engine.Swap kinks

    I just had a rebuilt 4.6 installed in my 02 Explorer. There's stress a few kinks that need to be worked out. I was wondering if someone can lead me in right direction. Since the swap, I've been getting the check engine light and check fuel cap. The code is for evap emissions. The...
  17. R

    2002 Idle Problem and 4 Codes

    My 2002 Explorer Sport XLT 4x4 4.0L has developed an idle problem. It starts fine when cold and after a five minute warm up it begins to idle up and down and then eventually stalls. It can be driven but acts the same when my foot is off the accelerator pedal. Previously, the check engine light...
  18. O

    Can a P0442 CEL code effect my braking? Please help.

    I have a 2006 Explorer V6. Ran perfect. On the way home Got a CEL P0442 code P0442 - EVAP Control System Leak Detected (Small Leak) Now the twist, I'm hoping this narrows down the problem. It started happening a day or two after the CEL light when on. Normally when I am coming to a stop and...
  19. A

    what is that? pics included

    what is that? it is connected to the throttle some how , so what does it do?! and what is evap service port ? and what it is used for? thank you for your time... http://postimage.org/image/bk7eepox3/ http://postimage.org/image/4j7ovrfhh/ http://postimage.org/image/9yptxxmmj/
  20. F

    EVAP Canister Purge Valve Cleaning

    So, I have been lurking for a while on the forum, been reading and using everyone's knowlege, so I figured I would give some back. First, some background... I bought a 1996 Explorer 5.0 2wd, 124k miles. It came from around Temecula California, for those of you that dont know thats in the...
  21. C

    Can't find the evap leak.

    Alright, so I have and OBD code for an evap leak AND the check fuel cap light on. I started out by replacing the fuel cap twice and reseting the codes, but they pop back up the next day. Whenever I gas up the car, I get a strong smell of gas inside the cabin. I can't seem to locate the actual...
  22. B

    Recommended Repair Manuals?

    What would be the best print manual recommended for a 2003 Sport Trac? Has anyone made use of the ChiltonDIY online product? If so, how is it?
  23. BBQ Bandit

    EVAP problem solved (check underside spare).

    Subject: 97 Explorer 5.0 AWD Problem: Check engine light on Ran codes.. "Gross EVAP leak" Another mechanic looked but could not find. Cleared the code to see if it would re-appear. Later that day... jacked up rear end preparing to install Reese hitch (Class III/IV) 1. Crawled under...