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exhaust 4.0

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    V6 SOHC straight pipe

    Hello I have a 98 explorer with the SOHC V6 motor. I don’t have emissions where I live, and would like to cut out the stock catalytic converters. I want a straight pipe setup that’s not loud but still lets the engine breathe more. Has anyone done this before with good results? Or does anyone...
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    P0420 2nd Gen OHV help

    Check engine light came on, found myself with a p0420 code. Should I bother messing around with a new oxygen sensor, or should I take it into a muffler shop and see what they recommend? I've had one of the cats repaired already.
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    Exhaust Tip for a 2005 Ford Explorer

    What would be the best option for a bolt-on exhaust tip for the stock tail pipe for my 05 Explorer 4.0 V6? I got two exhaust tips from DC Sports: one that fits up to a 2” outer diameter tail pipe and another that fits up to a 2.25” outer diameter pipe. The one that fits a 2.25” pipe was able to...
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    Exhaust Tip Size For A 2005 Ford Explorer

    What size bolt-on exhaust tip will fit on a 2005 Explorer tail pipe? Engine is a 4.0 V6. I ordered 2 different tips, both are DC Sports brand. I got a black single tip that fits up to a 2” outer diameter pipe which didn’t work. I also got a chrome double tip with a single input that fits up to a...
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    Those pesky heat shields...

    Local mechanic pulled off one of my heat shields and tossed it; said it was loose anyway/rattling. Said 'not to worry'. Ford seems to have a different idea. I haven't been able yet to crawl under and see which one(s) are missing. There are generic pieces of heat shield(-ing) available at low...
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    Performance Exhaust

    Thanks to all the great advice on this forum my '93 XLT is joining the 'modified' club piece by piece. Got a 2" Skyjacker lift (very nice) and some new wheels and tires. The truck's never been a power house, but is really struggling up the hills these days. I'm looking for ways to add just a...
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    I need a good aftermarket ypipe for my 2000 explorer xls with no catalytic converters
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    Exhaust issues, please help

    Hello everyone, I’m a new member to the forum. I have a 2000 Explorer XLT ohv 4.0 . I have 1 week left to renew my plates and I’ve currently got gutless cats . I went and bought two off of a 98 yesterday but the system was different from mine. I had to purchase them because it’s the best option...
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    Exhaust Questions

    Hi, I just bought a 2007 EB with the V6 (I know, I know) and I'm looking at some new mufflers. I really like the flowmaster 50 series, but I'm worried it'll be too noisy in the interior. I don't mind a little noise, but I should be able to talk at a reasonable volume. Also, how easy is this to...
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    Ticking engine, exhaust in cabin, now it's dead

    I bought a 2000 Explorer XLS 4.0 today. It died before I made it home. It was slow to accelerate at first, and ran and idled a little rough. I've owned nothing but sports cars my whole life and assumed the slow acceleration was normal for a larger vehicle, and didn't think much of the rough...
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    1999 Explorer Sport Exhaust help

    Hello everyone this is my first post here so forgive me if I posted on the wrong area or something but I really need some popular advice about my exhaust system I have a 1999 Ford Explorer Sport 2dr with the 4.0 v6 and I wanted to know where in my exhaust system can I make a hole or a cut a pipe...
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    Need exhaust help!

    Does anyone know if someone makes a 3" mandrel exhaust kit for our trucks? I need at least 3" for my '02 Sport Trac 4x4 due to running 9lbs boost from my supercharger. Thanks in advance
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    Adding Glasspacks to a 1998 Explorer 4.0 V6 SOHC

    Hi Guys, I am changing up my exhaust from the stock muffler with dual 2-1/4 in inputs to a single output, to one of two ideas I have had. I either want to put two glasspacks leading from each cat (they are only 25 bucks for 26in Thrush's) to a y-pipe and back to my old stock exhaust set...
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    sohc 4.0 hp

    i got a '99 explorer sport sohc 4.0 im fixin to put 2 1/2 inch straight pipes out the back dumped with 3 1/2 inch tips. i wanna know what r sum good stack-able dash mount programmers for my truck,,,and all other good ways to squeez every ounce of horsepower out of my truck with out goin into...
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    EGR Valve Tube Leak

    My 2000 4.0 OHV has a leak in the EGR Valve Tube, it has been welded once, so repair is probably not a good option. I had a garage look at it, they are recommending replacing the LH Manifold, the tube, the EGR Valve, because everything is so fused together. One manifold stud is broken, they fear...
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    1999 xlt

    I have a 99xlt my cats are blocked up i dont have emmissions where i live i need to find the y-pipe without cats any help would be apperciated??? I hate being without my truck!!!!!
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    exhaust shop dont carry dual in single out muffler?

    ok today was the day i wanted to get a new super 40 muffler put on my 99 sport. i went to three diffrent places and nobody carries dual in single out mufflers my only other option was to pay 350 for cat back or 525 for duals at a shop in glen burnie Md. What do i need to do?? i dont wanna order...