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exhaust tip

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    Exhaust Tip for a 2005 Ford Explorer

    What would be the best option for a bolt-on exhaust tip for the stock tail pipe for my 05 Explorer 4.0 V6? I got two exhaust tips from DC Sports: one that fits up to a 2” outer diameter tail pipe and another that fits up to a 2.25” outer diameter pipe. The one that fits a 2.25” pipe was able to...
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    Exhaust Tip Size For A 2005 Ford Explorer

    What size bolt-on exhaust tip will fit on a 2005 Explorer tail pipe? Engine is a 4.0 V6. I ordered 2 different tips, both are DC Sports brand. I got a black single tip that fits up to a 2” outer diameter pipe which didn’t work. I also got a chrome double tip with a single input that fits up to a...
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    Exhaust stacks?

    oh ok hears the thought to make my Exhaust like the deep fording exhaust for the hummers id like some input on the ideas that i have and if some some with better photo editing skills want to make it look better feel free to do so ok ideas 1 and 2 red is 1 and green is 2 right now i...
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    Exhaust Tip

    ive got a 4.0 SOHC and ive searched the forums here and im looking for an exhaust tip to give it a nicer sound that i can throw on for a relatively cheap price. i just wanna pick up somethin at autozone or advanced auto parts. any suggestions or reccomendations? thanks