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  1. mountaineer2004

    Should I Take Mounty To Alaska, Or Rent A Car?

    I've recently retired from work, so I've decided to take a road trip of a lifetime from NY to Alaska...with a 20 yo 315k car. It's impeccably maintained, so I had no worries about doing so, but only recently started hearing the putt-putt-putt of an exhaust manifold leak. It's not normally...
  2. A

    TONS of smoke from exhaust. 2015 Explorer 3.5 EcoBoost

    This all started a awhile back, when a turbo went out. I took it to a local mechanic that I trust, and he said it was a bad turbo, but he didn't have time to get it in for repair. I ended up taking it to the dealership to have the turbos replaced. After about $4,000 and a month and a half, they...
  3. 4

    Exhaust dimension comparison - 4.0L vs 4.6L

    I have to do a complete exhaust system replacement on my 06. I've looked through the forum but can't find anyone with this question. Will an exhaust system from a 4.0L bolt up to a 4.6L truck? I don't want to spend a grand on a Gibson cat-back system, and any of the other kits for v8s come with...
  4. Blackout2017

    Gibson exhaust for Gen 5?

    I'm looking at the Gibson 619693B axle back dual exhaust system for my 2017 Sport 3.5L TT. I've searched here but all threads are for older gens or new ST's.
  5. Explore10FL

    New Walker muffler

    Just another job done today that again improves the '97. I have been listening to the cheap muffler slowly get worse since I got the truck in Feb. So I ordered a Walker sound fx muffler (18564), as I wasn't going all in on a performance exhaust, yet. With a handful of couplers and clamps I was...
  6. F

    Y-Pipe/Inlet Pipe

    So I have a 99 explorer sport, 2dr, OHV V6. Cats got stolen, left my o2 sensors and the flanges (Thankfully) Need the Y-Pipe/inlet pipe part number. I've Google it, checked several part numbers but it keeps coming up to the SOHC version and I've read it doesnt work. I have ford oem part number...
  7. C

    Can I Fix Exhaust Manifold Leak With Thermosteel Or Another High-Temp Cement

    I have an exhaust manifold leak on one of my 2000 5.0 Explorers. I am nearly certain that the leak is coming from the exhaust manifold gasket. I really don't want to take the manifold off and risk breaking bolts or studs trying to get it apart. I've had enough trouble with bolts that are...
  8. B

    Lost Clamp/Flange?

    My wife drove over a railroad crossing and I'm guessing lost a clamp or flange connecting the intermediate exhaust pipe. It's a 2013 base with the 3.5 and AWD. It looks like a simple fix but I'm not sure what kind of clamp/flange I should be installing here. I'm hoping that's all it needs. Any...
  9. I

    Trans fluid on cats

    So yesterday I changed my transmission fluid, filter, and stuff. Made a huge difference in how my car is shifting, because I wasn't sure the last time it was changed. and the fluid was... not good. But thankfully there weren't chunks of metal or anything bad like that. But anyways I ended up...
  10. G

    New intake / cat-back exhaust worth it?

    Hey guys! I have a 2006 v6 4.0. I have been doing some digging around the forum to see what people's thoughts around a new intake and cat-back exhaust for the v6 are, but it seems like there are a lot of mixed feelings out there. Has anyone had a good experience with this modification or seen...
  11. A

    Exhaust Suggestions

    Ran into a bit of a problem the other day......my ride got very loud very quickly. Ramped it and took a look underneath it. I am guessing it's due to the amounts of salt they use on the roads where i live. I have been watching a lot of vids on youtube of different Flowmasters (hard to tell...
  12. N

    Lots of mod ideas, so little cash flow

    So, bear with me here, this'll sound pretty stupid. I got three ideas to put out there. 92 Explorer XL 4x4. Virtually stock but lots of repairs to OEM, looking to change that before October 31st hits as I will hopefully participating in the local Gambler 500. Slight lift from new front...
  13. P

    Grille Change and Blackout Treatment along with other mods.

    Took advice from others on the forum and from pictures of thing others have done. Completed Mods 1. Sprayed the luggage rack bar and running board chrome plate with black plastic dip, for Blackout Look. 2. Changed front grille from chrome to black. 3. Headlight and Fog Lights - Tinted with tint...
  14. E

    2013 PIU Modification Questions

    I bought a 2013 PIU with about 85,000 miles on the car, and a new engine at around 25,000 miles just under a year ago and my main goal is to try and make it look as much like a civilian explorer as possible and to add as many features possible. I got it with a carpeted interior without the hand...
  15. T

    New to me

    I have purchased a 1999 Ford Explorer XLT 4X4 and am doing some work on my own. I’ve already given her an oil change, cleaned the air filter (which had seeds in it, from a mouse or squirrel), and cleaned the maf sensor. Honestly, this is my FIRST vehicle, bought with my own money, and put under...
  16. F

    Performance Exhaust

    Thanks to all the great advice on this forum my '93 XLT is joining the 'modified' club piece by piece. Got a 2" Skyjacker lift (very nice) and some new wheels and tires. The truck's never been a power house, but is really struggling up the hills these days. I'm looking for ways to add just a...
  17. C

    98 4.0 x-vin ohv exhaust help

    Have a question working on a project with 2 1998 Ford explorer 4.0 V6. One is OHV (x-vin) 4x4 automatic xl, engine runs great but body is full of rust and is being put aside for future project. I picked up another 1998 4.0 v6 4x4 xlt from South Carolina. It didn't have an engine but it is set...
  18. D

    Borla exhaust 140659 for 2016-2017 install on 2019?

    Can the Borla exhaust 14059 (which is for the 2016-2017) be installed on the 2019 explorer? The borla listed for the 2019 had duel tips each side, which I hate and is 50% more expensive. The 140659 (2016-2017)you can get for $800-900 The140765BC (2018-2019) duel tips is $1,350 The pictures...
  19. M

    2003 explorer 4.6l exhaust leak

    i have an exhaust leak at the manifold, im getting 10-11mpg with regular driving and im getting 3 codes for the EGR, o2 sensor and maf sensor. could my exhaust leak be causing all of this? would cutting off exhaust(after o2 sensors) at least temporarily fix my issues?
  20. F

    Exhaust leaking and smoking up from underneath

    tried searching it on google, couldn’t find anything that matched my description. My exhaust is leaking a pretty good amount underneath my car. It is also smoking, I’m gonna go out now to look again, but I’m sure I seen all the fluid and smoke around the body of it, or the muffler. My steering...
  21. 2

    Transmission Exhaust Mount Question

    I’m replacing all of the bushings and hangers on my exhaust and the only one I’m missing now is the one that bolts onto the transmission area. Does anyone know if you just remove the bolt and the bushing bracket comes off? I plan on supporting the exhaust with a jack. I just want to be sure...
  22. C

    2013 Explorer XLT Blues

    JUST Picked Up a 13 XLT with 105k on it. Drives like a dream minus the engine light that pops up on the way home from the used car lot that’s a P0430 code. Where the Hell are the O2 sensors and should I just do all?
  23. J

    How many Catalytic converters?

    Have a 91 Explorer 4.0 Eddie Bauer and I need a new catalytic converter. When i look underneath I see the section of the exhaust which has two oem converters. My question is to replace the cataloytic converter section im planning on buying the universals made by magnaflow or flowmaster, do i...
  24. D

    muffler or Cat back exhaust kit

    Hi all, this is my first post and was wondering if there is a direct bolt on kit for my '93 Explorer 4 door automatic. The last person that worked on the exhaust welded the back pipe to the cat flange instead of using another flange to mate the two together. I'm replacing manifold, y-pipe, and...
  25. 2

    Head Gasket Advice

    Back in 2015 my heater hose broke and caused my vehicle to overheat, and I’ve replaced every gasket down the lower intake since then, due to leaks. I started getting a misfire(p0304) a few months ago and was losing coolant. I added some k seal and it went away. I drained the radiator to get rid...