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explorer 1991

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    1991 Ford Explorer XLT Manual Transmission

    1991 Ford Explorer XLT Manual Am a long-time reader of the posts here. Between this website and a few others I was able to keep my 1991 Ford Explorer running. Thanks to all of you who posted valuable tips in keeping these glorious chrome fendered Explorers alive. He has a long and...
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    4x4 91' Eddie Bauer Build Progress - Questions - Pictures

    Hey guys, I bought a 1991 Explorer (Eddie Bauer) about 4 months ago and have been slowly making progress. I am new to working on cars, but have been learning lots along the way. I have learned so much already about this vehicle picking over numerous threads that have been posted. I will include...
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    Just Bought - Couple questions

    Just bought a 1991 Ford Explorer this afternoon. I'm in college, senior year and wanted to get something that could handle itself on the trails and also be reliable. Almost bought an 89 Bronco, glad I did not. Excited to begin the work shortly!! 173k miles. Eddie Bauer trim. 4.0L V6 Engine...
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    Wanted: Blower Housing

    About 6 years ago I ripped out my old non-functioning AC system that had been sitting empty for 15 years and swapped in a couple of ranger parts to make it heat only. At the time I lived in a cold wet place and never envisioned needing AC. Fast-forward to the present and I find myself living in...
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    First time explorer buyer

    I just picked up my first explorer tonight, it is a 1991 XLT 4x4 with 140k on the clock, auto trans, auto-4x4 with manual hubs and a few small off-road upgrades like 31” tires, Bilstein shocks front & rear. I’m interested in learning more about fixing and maintaining my explorer as I’ll be using...
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    Ford Explorer 2002 - air blowing in AC is not cold

    Hi, I have a 2002 Ford Explorer. When I turn on the air it blows fine but the air doesn't get cold. It's like just the fan is on. Hoping a simple fix, I'm pregnant and need my air haha.
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    Seats. Trailing arm . Repairs on the spot!

    I apologize to everyone for the bad english. I have a little experience. Hello! Faced with the problem! Broken seats trailing arms! on the second side of the problem was hidden Hob. Cracks seen after suspension disassembled.
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    91 Explorer Interior Light Issue

    Firstly, I'd like to apologize for my lack of general car knowledge. :) I bought a 91 Ford Explorer back in May and while she's (mostly) mechanically sound, she needs a bit of TLC so I'm learning more about how to go about car repairs and whatnot. (Thank you Haynes manual!) Since I bought...
  9. L

    2001 Ford Explorer Sport rear end sagging

    I got a nice sag going on not to mention it's a rough ride hitting bumps. Any suggestions on a CHEAP EASY FIX? I drive this truck to work and back and will be using it a lot during the winter and in the snow.
  10. R

    1991/93 explorer starter wiring

    Hi I am a 38 woman who has a starter problem with my 1991 explorer. I ended up buying a 93 explorer as a parts vehicle because it was the same price as the starter, and this 93 starter is new as well as brakes and hubs ect... So I wasnt there when my buddy took the starter out or the 93, he did...
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    Engine trouble on 1991 Explorer Eddie Bauer

    Hello all. I recently bought a ´91 Explorer, and I am having some problems with the engine. First off, when cold it can take a while to get it started .. it never takes less than 3 tries and sometimes well over 10 tries. The other thing is that sometimes when accelerating from a stop the...