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explorer 1997

  1. S

    New guy 2nd gen

    Hey guys, I have a 97 explorer sport 4.0 SOHC that's bordering 200k. That being said, I'm looking to do a lot to it. I'm getting ready to replace my ball joints (uppers and lowers) I'm putting some new brakes and other necessary stuff first but after that's good I'm going to do a tt and put some...
  2. S

    1997 Ford Explorer - V8 - 5.0 - AWD

    Hello Explorer Fans. I have been on the forums for some time and have extensively read many threads. I have enjoyed the forums so far. Now I have a question of opinion for you all. I currently own 97' V6 SOHC Sport and I love it. I was going to SAS it, but Id rather do it to a V8...
  3. R

    In desperate need for a RK112 one button fob

    Hello, My car hasn't been able to start for a few months now because my Bosch RK112 one button fob broke beyond repair. I have tried bypassing the Bosch VIM171 immobilizer with no success. I took it to a local garage which suggested me to buy a second hand FOB so he can reprogramme it to work...
  4. I

    Wanted seat belts rear right/left Explorer 1997

    Original parts: F67Z-78611B68-D and F67Z-78611B69-D Color gray or black or widow green.
  5. D

    1997 Ford Explorer fuse help

    So I recently tried to use the cigarette lighter on the passenger side of my explorer and noticed it did not work. The cigarette lighter next to the radio on the front works just fine. I looked at the fuse (#17 i think) and it looked fine. I was just curious why one works and not the other.
  6. B

    Muffler problem

    So back in one of my previous posts i mentioned that I've noticed my exhaust seemed noticeably louder. well i found the source to the problem. But let my tell you about the progression. First it was the noise, it was obviously louder. second, I noticed more movement with my tail pipe. Thirst, on...
  7. B

    Installing a new Head Unit.

    So I just got my new radio in the mail today to put in my 1997 Ford Explorer XLT. I did a lot of research on how to put in new stereos in explorers. My friend and I wired everything right on the wire harness, plug everything in. The radio turns out but no sound. Then my friend said I might have...
  8. C

    a little about me

    I have a 1987 ford f350 quad cab long box dually 2x4 and I did a motor and tranny swap when I rescued this truck from a wrecker on its way to scrap it had a 460 carb motor and tranny so I tore it out and put a 1997 7.3L powerstroke into truck complete with trand and dash fuel petals and all...
  9. N

    1997 ford explorer transmission replacement

    Hi, my name is Sergio and I own two Ford Explorer. One in the US (manufactured in 1998) and one in Italy (manufactured in 1997.) Whenever I need fixing, finding a service in the US is not a problem. But when I have a problem with my Explorer in Italy, no one here is familiar with this car. I...
  10. J

    Running board lamps on the non lighted running board explorers

    About 2 weeks ago i had decided instead of buying the lighted running boards from a limited explorer i thought well why not buy leds from a parts store and apply then to the running boards similar to a chevy trail blazer. so i went to the store and bought a set of truck bed lights that apply to...
  11. J

    how to disable headlamp flash when locked with fob on a 97 explorer?

    How can i disable the headlamps from flashing when i hit the lock button twice on the remote. i have a 1997 ford explorer xlt, i just recently put HID's on and do not wanna have the bulbs blow do to the headlamp flash, granted i could just push the button once but when i'm in sketchy places i...
  12. davidsauve

    No Heat - EATC system or Heater Core

    I have a 1997 Explorer EB V6 4.0 SOHC with the EATC. Everything works on the EATC panel except the defrost, panel or floor does not blow warm/hot air when the temp setpoint is high (75-90). The thermostat works (just changed to a new 195 degF), coolant is new, system was flushed with Prestone...
  13. L

    Timing chain broken!!

    4.0 SOHC V6 '97 Ford Explorer 305,284 miles. Loud Clicking noise started about a week ago. Let my mechanic drive it, but no noise. A few days later, extremely loud clicking that got louder with RPMs. (I was on a road trip at this point) On my way home the car died.(thankfully just a few miles...
  14. W

    1997 ford explorer issue HELP!!!!

    hi my name is stacey i have always been a ford owner most times i can work on some of the stuff my self this time is not the time lol. about a week ago my truck started making a kinda loud thump in the front by the driver side tire normally when i turn right or make a sharp turn. this morning...
  15. M

    Need new ECU HELP !!

    My ECM died, after having problems with the engine starting and after few seconds dying , no throttle response, fuel system OK, sensors Ok the problem was the ECM !!! Now this explorer has a rare ECM number F87F 12B 523BA, can not find the part and I don't want to pay over 2.000 dollars to...
  16. B

    Round Plastic ball under air box

    So, in my search for the horns, I discovered a round plastic ball roughly the size of a softball on my 1997 Ford Explorer. I wouldn't care, but it was just dangling there, unattached to anything except two wires that went into it. So can anyone tell me what this is and where the hell it's...
  17. M

    Drivers door lock

    So I have a 1997 explorer XLT and lately when i hit the lock button every door locks but the fron drivers door. Also, sometimes it stays locked and can only be opened from the inside. What do you guys think the problem is, how would i fix it, and how expensive would it be to fix.