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explorer 1999

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    1999 explorer fuel pump questions.

    Hello, I own a 99 explorer sport sohc that has been sitting for sometime and the fuel pump has decided it no longer wants to work, so I’m looking for a replacement. I was wondering if anyone has had to replace the fuel pump in a similar model or year, are there any recommendation on brand or...
  2. E

    Help, oil leak!

    Hi friends! My 99' EB X is leaking tansmission oil :( Do I need to take off the tranny to fix that? :eek: It has the V8 with almost 200k miles on it. Also I think rear axle is leaking because it is too moist but, I can't see any drop or anything Please this is driving me crazy! I will...
  3. F

    Does this part exist??

    Hello. I am looking to add some underside protection to my truck. '99 ex XLT OHV Particularly the transfer case. I know the rangers came with a variety of skid plate options. I obtained a transfer case skid plate from a ranger. The hole pattern matches, however, I noticed that the explorer's...
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    Used 1999 explorer xlt 4.0 sohc Help with noise

    Hello friends ,I would to get help or tips on our explorer, me and my wife have always like the Ford Company, We have had some cars and trucks,a 1998 escord sport,2001 F150 v8 ,and a Ranger 1991 v6,and have always want an explorer so finally today we just bought our explorer.It is a xlt 4.0 sohc...
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    Issues with 4.0 ohv v6

    Hello fellow X owners. I've been enjoying my 99 xls since I got it this year and I hope to keep it for the following years to come. There are a few issues that I want to attend to before I start modifying it. Since I've had it theres been a low humming coming from the front of the engine after...
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    Need tires

    I need tires for my completely stock explorer. Im in High School so I need to find them cheap. Any recommendations? My budget is around 500 bucks, even if the tires are used. I just need a start!
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    Just got my second vehicle, and its my second explorer too

    I had to scrap my 98 ford explorer sport a few months ago. I loved it to death but after i finished up 88m training for the army reserves, i came back and drove the poor little explorer intot the ground. I'm proud to say I just purchased my second explorer. A 1999 Eddie bauer edtion v8 5.0 She...
  8. P

    Wont Start

    Hi, i have a 1999 eddie bauer explorer and it has been giving me problems. I ran out of gas one day and after i filled it up it was fine for about a week or so. Then out of nowhere the engine would die randomly but start up again and be fine for a few days. Then finally it just wouldnt keep...
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    Just got into a 99 Exploder

    I have previously owned a 94 Mazda pickup (rebadged Ranger basically) and probably added a good decade of life onto my ex's 96 Explorer (wiper blades, washer nozzle, full brake rebuild including hoses & proportioning valve, rear end service & ABS sensor, water pump, hamster wheel, coolant flush...
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    Explorer Limited '99 Will not lock most times! ಡ_ಡ

    Hello all, I'm new here. I'm experiencing some issues with my Explorer Limited '99 not locking using the key fob, driver or passenger lock switch or even the back switch. It works some times but most times I have to fiddle the back switch 20 times before the doors actually lock. They all unlock...
  11. J

    99 Explorer sport shake at low rpm

    Hello, Ive been reading around for awhile on many sites and finally chose this one to post on after being unable to locate a similar problem. I have a 99 explorer sport 2wd sohc with 140000 miles on it. My truck shakes while idle and on lower rpm usually after a shift @ 35 and 55 until i start...
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    '99 XLT Cruise control problem

    My when I turn my cruise control on then press the "set" button, the "cruise" light just flicks - a split second blink (You have to be looking for it.). I have had the steering wheel switches replaced by Ford and it worked for nearly a year. Then it began to intermittantly fail until now it is...
  13. P

    Frozen Door Lock...

    From the driver's door lock switches, I was pressing the passenger door unlock button exactly as my son (in the front passenger seat) was pulling the door handle to open the door. The result was that somehow the front passenger door lock froze in a locked position and I cannot open the door...
  14. S

    sohc v/s ohv on '99 4.0 explorer 4wd

    hi! trying to find out if a ohv( over head valve) can be interchanged with an sohc(single over head cam) . my sohc engine went out and i have another engine, but it's an ohv. we've been told yes and no. what's your opinions?:feedback:
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    Passenger Door Lock

    EDIT: this is solved Hey sorry new to the thread and new explorer Owner :thumbsup: Recently.. well just yesterday I picked up my first car from a dealer. '99 Ford Explorer. It was running great and everything worked except the rear wiper doesn't work. It didnt bother me to much. But now this...