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explorer 2014

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    2014 Explorer limited with new engine

    I have a 2014 with 110k mikes and had a OEM engine installed by dealer in October. Everything has been fine but last week the engine light came on. Took it to same ford dealer that replaced engine, they read history report and shows misfires on two ignition coils, they said they were pulled from...
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    Dented Rear Passenger Door

    Hello EForum! Longtime lurker but first post ever. Bought a Black 2014 Ford Explorer Limited this past January but ended up getting it dented. Long story short, I bumped into an angled cement pillar due to a speeding car in a parking garage. In hindsight I should of just let him hit me but I...
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    K&N Intake

    Just picked it up today. Went down to K&N and they installed it for me. Drove it for a while after. My thoughts. Sounds very, very cool - not sure how the wife will feel Seems to feel quicker The sound resonates a bit at certain throttle levels. Again, I think it sounds good, but may...
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    Adding Navigation Later

    Adding Navigation if not factory equipped? I purchased a 2011 XLT with MFT for my wife back in April. The vehicle didn't have navigation enabled from the factory, but the salesman said it could be added just by purchasing the card. The parts counter said that someone had attempted this, but it...