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explorer sport

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    An older build, but I still love every minute driving it: 1998 Explorer Sport, 363 V8 / M5R2 5-speed swap, 3.27 rear gear. I took it out for a drive through the north Georgia mountains a few weeks ago. . .Nothing like a small block Ford, especially a big-bore stroker!
  2. D

    Custom FMIC install - Explorer Sport 3.5

    Been wanting to do an intercooler upgrade but for $1,000 and you need to do some cutting anyway, I decided to go a different route. I think the install went extremely well, and the whole setup cost me about $300-$320 or there abouts. I'll post pictures and materials I used as well as a link to a...
  3. G

    How To: 3.5L ecoboost catch can install - team rxp twin can setup

    2017 Explorer Sport - 3.5L EcoBoost - Team RXP new(er) version twin can installed at 30k miles The older version of this can required drilling and had a small breather that replaced the oil filler cap, but the updated one (~2019) leaves that alone and adds the small can for the clean side. This...
  4. S

    96 4.0 low fuel pressure can't find cause

    I have a 96 explorer sport 4.0 will not idle correctly at all, at idle in neutral it will start choking for a few seconds like it's running out of fuel then it will pick up and idle smoothly for a few seconds before starting to choke up again like a constant cycle of nearly dying then being...
  5. A

    P0234 Overboost 2015 Sport

    Hello, I am hoping some of the wisdom on here can help me trouble shoot my Ex. Over the last few months I have been experiencing this subtle issue where everything seems fine, get on the throttle and smile, then after whenever I get on it no power. I can hear the waste gates opening. I don't...
  6. D

    Custom and modded explorers

    Please post pics of you custom or modded explorers to give me some ideas for mine. I have a 02 explorer sport with 192,000 miles but still a strong motor I need some ideas for performance and exterior styling
  7. J

    Prospective Explorer buyer, need advice

    Greetings all, I'm a prospective Explorer buyer & i'm looking for some of your expertise. I'm looking at a CPO 2016 Explorer Sport with about 65k on the clock. My concern is how they hold up long term and if there are any items I should know about before possibly signing the contract. Any...
  8. B

    Accidental Enthusiast

    Hello, I'm Billy and a recent explorer owner. To make a long story short, my father in law passed and left me his 1995 explorer sport 4x4 with manual transmission. I had an 86 broncho II some years ago and it was a pretty good truck. For some reason I really didn't think I'd like it any better...
  9. Joel Cady

    For Sale 2017 Ford Explorer Sport 19k miles

    Low mileage, adult owned and tastefully modified 2017 Explorer Sport. Modifications include: H&R lowering springs on Bilstein shocks and struts, Livernois 91 octane 3 bar tune includes tuner box to change tunes (approx. 465hp/465ft/lb), 20”x10.5” Velgen Wheels wrapped w/ 295/45R20 Hankook ST-06...
  10. 0

    One day in the Junk yard

    Hi all! Yes, I'm finally making a first post, thanks to a friend of mine who is a total Shaming me. I ended up with an OK Blue Oval project. We both hang out with the Gambler 500 crowd and do runs with them, as well as a similar crew from Jalopy Journeys. We're not under the category of the...
  11. B

    New explorer sport member, older model

    Hello all, I have a 2001 explorer sport that after bouncing around for 17 years is starting to get some wear and tear. I have a few issues that I need help figuring out but my BRB is still trucking on well considering. I have some sort of exhaust leak that started giving me issues when...
  12. 4

    4.0 SOHC. Replace timing or Not?

    I have a RWD, 2001 ford explorer sport, with the 4.0 SOHC engine, that has about 195k miles on what I assume is the original trans and engine. I inherited the truck from my late mother. I have put the last 15-20k miles on it with minor issues but now I have a nice clear rattle at cold start from...
  13. S

    New guy 2nd gen

    Hey guys, I have a 97 explorer sport 4.0 SOHC that's bordering 200k. That being said, I'm looking to do a lot to it. I'm getting ready to replace my ball joints (uppers and lowers) I'm putting some new brakes and other necessary stuff first but after that's good I'm going to do a tt and put some...
  14. L

    I know nothing about cars...Please Help!!

    Hi there!! I'm hoping that I can get some help with a recent problem I've had with my '14 Explorer Sport. Please keep in mind...I know absolutely nothing about the workings of cars and I will be the first to admit it. I just want to make sure that I'm not being taken advantage of by a dealer...
  15. Catching some sun

    Catching some sun

    The beast in her natural habitat
  16. T

    2004 Sport Trac 302 V8 Swap Prep

    Hey guys, Ok, so I own a Black 2004 Sport Trac 4x4 Adrenalin. It has 209,200+ miles on it and the timing chain is starting to rattle. If I have to remove the engine to repair it, the 4.0 isn't going to be reinstalled. I've been wanting to do a 5.0 swap into the Sport Trac for a long time now...
  17. O

    What kind of parking sensors are available for the 2017 Explorer Sport?

    Hi there, I've test driven a 2017 Explorer Sport and was quite happy with the car. My only concern (coming from a sports coupe) is parking a car of this size, especially parallel parking in the city. Unfortunately I am finding conflicting information about the kind of parking sensors that are...
  18. S

    Turn Signal Issues

    Hello Everyone, I would first off like to thank everyone that helped me with my last post! I have a 2003 Explorer Sport (2dr) and I would like to start off by saying it seems to be very difficult to find accurate information on this somewhat unique explorer. I am having an issue with the...
  19. B

    2013 CPO Explorer Sport, 70k miles - good carfax? Please help

    Hello all! I am new to the forums but joined because I am seriously considering buying a used Explorer Sport. I want the utility of an SUV, love everything I have read about the twinturbo ecoboost engine, and it is within my budget. Hoping for some feedback on a particular vehicle. Would...
  20. S

    Explorer Sport Intermittent 'Thump' at Highspeeds

    Hello, I have a 2003 Explorer Sport and recently its been having an odd issue. While driving above 80kph there is a intermittent (randomly timed) thump that feels like its coming from the middle/rear of the vehicle. The noise happens both in 2wd as well as 4x4 but only when above 80 (so far...
  21. J

    New Shocks

    Hey guys, I recently bought tires for my 2000 explorer sport 4.0L SOHC 4wd with 171,000 miles. I put on the wrangler trail runners 255/70R/16. The guys at goodyear wanted me to replace my shocks too but quoted me at $600+. They said the shock absorbers were leaking. I was curious what shocks...
  22. D

    someone help plz!!

    im wanting to lower my truck a little. its a 2002 ford explorer sport limited, RWD with the 4.0. i dont want to go the airbag route, and no one makes kits for this vehicle so im looking into adjusting the height by backing out the torsion bolts. but i need to know is this safe doing that? will...
  23. G

    That "Hi I'm new here" obligatory thread

    Hi y'all, new guy here, obviously. I got a beautiful 2001 Explorer Sport that is near and dear to me. It's my second vehicle, my first was a '99 Taurus, which sadly, gave up her life earlier this year, when the entire computer system failed and my local Pull-a-part, didn't have one to replace...
  24. E

    2001 Sport, 31s with 15x10s on stock suspension?

    Hi I'm new to this forum but I'm not new to having Explorers and I'm looking to buy another 2001-2003 Explorer Sport/Sporttrac. I've just bought a set of used 31x10.50r15 BFG All Terrains and when I buy an Explorer I'll be putting the 31s on ether a 15x8 or a 15x10. I'd REALLY like to mount them...
  25. E

    2000 Explorer Sport Drivers seat replacement

    Anyone know what years/model seats would fit a 2000 Explorer sport? My drivers seat is pretty much collapsed at this point, and was hoping to replace it. Basically I am leaning to the left all the time when driving it around. Open to any other suggestions as well, such as an upholstery place...