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  1. How I spent my lunch time

    How I spent my lunch time

    AZ run fun! Replacing the torsion bolt with a "custom" bolt. A big thanks to everyone that lent tools/help! Made it home with minor damage.
  2. River Crossing

    River Crossing

    River Crossing on AZ run 2002
  3. Stuck


    Stuck behind Ray on the AZ run.
  4. Razorback


    An adrenaline rush from TruckHaven 2001
  5. More three wheels

    More three wheels

    Lifting the Mickeys.
  6. Christmas "Tree"

    Christmas "Tree"

    The Explorer decorated with lights.
  7. Dropped?


    Landed a little too hard, OR truly "in the weeds"!
  8. Project Trucks

    Project Trucks

    Some of my past projects. The yellow rusted jeep became the white one. The Chevy Stepside eventually got 6" of lift and 33" tires, souped up V8 and built tranny. The Travelall got lifted with 36" tires and became my Tahoe ski people mover.
  9. Hot Rod Lincoln

    Hot Rod Lincoln

    I chopped the top off of this one and had a backup car for parts. A little SawZall and some fiberglass and its fun in the sun!
  10. Opel Kadette

    Opel Kadette

    This one was cherry and became a collectors item. Another one I should not have sold.
  11. Stocker VW

    Stocker VW

    My stocker. Used to commute, transport surf boards, sails, and skis, and to fill in when the other Scirocco got fixit tickets!!
  12. One Bad VW

    One Bad VW

    This baby was fast! 16V, BBS wheels, Yokos, race suspension, all the goodies!
  13. Killer


    Killer our Killifish. He kept killing his mates!
  14. Pinky


    Our Albino Cichlid
  15. Red Belly Piranha

    Red Belly Piranha

    Red Belly Piranha now deceased. Before he died he ate his brother and two Fresh Water Barracudas!
  16. Paco the Pacu

    Paco the Pacu

    Our two Pacus out growing their 90 gallon tank.
  17. Stuffed


    Is this what happens when you run Firestone Wilderness tires?
  18. 1956 Mercury

    1956 Mercury

    1956 Merc, V8 Cherry unrestored condition. Sold this one cause I was stupid...
  19. 1965 CJ5

    1965 CJ5

    1965 CJ5 w/V6, 3" suspension lift, 36" tires, Fiberglass front end, Snow Plow, homemade body mods/armor, lockers, reinforced frame, in Lake Tahoe, CA. This was my third and last CJ. Next one- the new Rubicon! Sold this one to buy a wedding ring!
  20. Leo


    Relaxing in the AZ sun thinking about his ancestors hunting lions in the African sun.
  21. Good CLean Fun

    Good CLean Fun

    Boys will be boys, OR My teeth are bigger than yours!
  22. Zeus


    I don't know why I swallowed the fly...
  23. CJ


    CJ our female American Bulldog at 2 years old.
  24. Jack


    Jack, our male Jack Dempsey
  25. CJ


    CJ our American Bulldog puppy (at the time) on her first 4x4 ride at TruckHaven 2001.