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    Suggestions on Replacing My Truck's Side Emblem

    Hi All I'm looking for suggestions on replacing my existing passenger side and driver side emblem to LED illuminated emblem for my f350 truck? Can anyone please help me. Thanks in advance for your comments
  2. R

    Ford Truck Accessories

    I need truck accessories for Ford F150. Can I get any help to finding it because I don't know which sites are trustworthy? I would thank full if I get any help.
  3. E

    F250 keyless entry

    I had multiple remote door openers for my explorer and my friend said he needed one for his f250 so I was giving him one first question. Will my remote open work on his f250. Second question. Does anyone know how to get his truck into program mode because the way that's in the owners manual...
  4. A

    against my better judgement...

    before i get started i want to say i know that ford says not to use a plow with the explorers BUT I'm considering putting a plow on my 1st gen. Been doing a lot of reading up and cant seem to find much of what i'm looking for. i've heard the auto trans wont hold up with a plow, but i have a 5...
  5. T

    check out my prom pics (lifts and mugshots)(prom pic

    Some prom pics of me and my ex-gf prom was last weekend, we went, and things didnt work out so much a few days ago.. we broke up, but thats life and its just highschool! for size reference I am 5'10" this is her brothers truck btw! In the school parking lot my ranger parked next to it...
  6. my new knuckles

    my new knuckles

    f250 flat top knuckles, milled, drilled, tapped