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  1. 2

    Fuel Pump Dead

    I replaced my fuel filter today so I used the method were you pull the relay to the pump while it’s running to remove pressure from the lines. That definitely worked as I changed the filter and the lines were depressurized. But now my pump isn’t turning on, I don’t hear the usual whirl sound and...
  2. 2

    Second Gen Cabin Air Filter

    I’ve been wondering how feasible it would be to install a cabin air filter in a second gen. I see that the door goes up and closes off the highlighted area when Max AC is selected, so that must mean that’s where outside air is pulled in. I don’t have ac diagrams and have never taken apart...
  3. Y

    bank 1 and 2 lean codes fix?

    hey guys so i just picked up a 1998 ford explorer sport (2 door v6) 88k miles magically the CEL came on after 250 miles of driving (i know i should have checked to see if it was reset) codes were P0171 and P0174. -I ran some injector cleaner thru and dry gas as well, reset and light came back...
  4. 2

    Best way to relieve fuel line pressure?

    I’m going to attempt to change the fuel filter on my 2000 OHV and was wondering how to depressurize the fuel line. I’ve read that unplugging the inertia switch and then cranking the engine until the fuel runs out, is the best way. I’ve also read that removing the fuel pump fuse and then cranking...
  5. D

    Air filter replacement type

    Hey everyone, just needing to know if Fram's CA 5058 is okay for my 93 explorer. It looks like it fits and I saw somewhere online the 5058 replaced the fa-1043 but thought I'd double check.
  6. bronchole

    2005 Mounty 4.0 persistant P0193 code

    The car: 2005 2WD 4.0 automatic with about 110K miles on it. The symptoms: Check Engine light comes back on within 20-40 miles of being reset P0193 code (fuel pressure sensor high) Poor gas millage, around 12 MPG (was about 18 MPG a year ago) Occasionally runs slightly rough, mainly at idle We...
  7. Y

    2005 4.0L V6 Fuel Filter Connectors

    I was wondering if anyone could tell me what size of disconnect tool I need for the output side of the fuel filter. I cannot seem to find the info anywhere else and I cannot seem to get the connector to come loose, even when I push the fuel line towards the filter. I am using a 5/16 size, but my...
  8. M

    How do I remove the stock air filter box and replace it with a high-flow cone filter?

    I've looked on here as well as google this quite a few times, and can't seem to figure out what exactly I need (as far as adaptors, etc.) and what exactly I should do to remove my stock air box and put a cone filter on it? All advice is appreciated, thanks!
  9. 0

    02 explorer wants to shut off when switching from reverse to drive

    I have a 2002 ford explorer that wants to turn off when switching from reverse to drive or vice versa. I have changed the fuel filter, plugs, wires, and air filter. My next thought is the fuel pump, but before I get into that I wanted to know if there should be something else to check first...
  10. D

    Free Bosch Distance Plus Oil Filter

    I accidently was not thinking the other day and got the short oil filter for my 2001 Explorer Sport but my explorer takes the long oil filter. I paid like $15 for the Bosch Distance Plus, and threw away the box. I can not return it so if someone would like it, you can have it. I live in...
  11. 2

    Oil Filter Question.

    So today I went to change the oil in my X, everything went well, I successfully drained the old oil but when I went to remove the filter I found it to be on there surprisingly tight. No way I could have removed it by hand, so I just added the new oil but left the old filter on so I could drive...
  12. CamDJClimited

    Blue MAC Intake Filter, Cruise Control Buttons, Explorer Parts!!

    I have the following for sale: MAC Blue "Rare" Oval Air Filter - ((SOLD)) Motorcraft Cruise Control Buttons - $20 for both shipped Custom Painted Center Console Pieces - $30 for both. 96 V8 Explorer MAF Sensor - $25+ $5 shipped Factory Ford JBL Headunit - $25
  13. A

    93 Explorer 4.0 Fuel System Problems

    :scratch:Could you good folks enlighten me on all the things that might cause a fuel pump to not pump on a 1993 Explorer? Any diagrams or specs would be great also. Is there a downloadable oem repair manual available? If this is covered in another thread i'd be grateful for any & all links. I...
  14. ragajungle

    Permacool filter kit BAD for 5r55e?

    So I got "Lemon" [tee hee hee - that's the new name for my ex] back from the the shop - er actually am leaving to go pick her up in a minute from having my new-ish 5r55e trans put in and earlier this week I dropped off a hi-flo perma cool remote filter kit. Well he said that he wouldn't use...
  15. Universal oil filter tool.

    Universal oil filter tool.

  16. Fill the filter.

    Fill the filter.

  17. F

    1999 Ford Explorer:Braided fuel line that leads into the fuel filter

    I was recently trying to remove my fuel filter when i accidentally ripped the braided fuel line leading into the fuel filter in half. I cannot find this line anywhere, it seems to be about an 8 inch segment coming from a metal line which goes back to the gas tank. Can it be removed from the...
  18. Old capillary filter cut open with crystals still inside.

    Old capillary filter cut open with crystals still inside.

  19. Old capillary filter cut open.

    Old capillary filter cut open.

  20. Old capillary filter.

    Old capillary filter.

  21. Capillary filter installed.

    Capillary filter installed.

  22. Capillary filter.

    Capillary filter.

  23. The old fuel filter is being disconnected.

    The old fuel filter is being disconnected.

  24. The new fuel filter is installed!

    The new fuel filter is installed!

  25. The inside of the old fuel filter.

    The inside of the old fuel filter.