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  1. N

    Ford PIU Base 2013 - Unable to find upfitter's guide; appears to have been taken down?

    Hi all, I'm trying to find the rubber grommet used for passing wires through the firewall so that I don't have to drill a hole through the firewall (Installing aftermarket fog lights (mine didn't come with them stock) and an LED light bar). Anybody got a copy of the 2013 upfitter's guide, or...
  2. A

    Firewall Drill Location

    I am installing some aux lights and need to get from battery inside engine compartment to switch panel in center console. Does anyone know of a usable grommet or do I have to drill the firewall? I don't want to do a door wrap.
  3. D

    self installed amp

    This forum has come in handy when it came time to do this install. It was the first ever for me and I couldn't have done it with out all the threads here. Just wanted to say thanks and show off my handy work. So thanks everyone for posting here and keep up the good work. thru the...
  4. T

    wiring from engine to interior? please help!!

    I put some LED down lights on the underbody of my 98 explorer, they were originally wired into the park lights circut. But I've been forced to take them out of there as they turn on everytime i turn my headlights now. and the damn local authorities are not too happy about it. So i brought a...
  5. Firewall port

    Firewall port

    Show the location of the firewall port for temperature lines.