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first generation

  1. J

    Brake Light and Rear Abs Light!!!

    So here about a month ago, i got in a small accident, rear ended someone only screwed up my bumper. Right afterwards my brake light and rear abs light have came on and stay on, brakes work great. Master cylinder is full, float moves, replaced the rear abs sensor (only has one in the rear...
  2. T

    "Z link" HELP! 92 Explorer

    So recently my explorer lost reverse, no neutral. Trans fluid is full and cable is adjusted properly. After reading similar posts I am pretty sure I have a problem with my z link in the trans. If someone who knows/experienced this procedure please help me out with the following; 1) Can I...
  3. J

    My 92X build thread

    Hey everyone! Im not sure if this is in the right spot or not but im sure it will find its way if its not! :p Iv'e been on for a while creeping around for answers and thought it was about time to write up what I have to show for it! Heres a little about it: 1992 Ford Explorer xlt 4X4...
  4. F

    Rear Hatch Issues (first gen)

    Hey guys, My rear hatch closes and latches...but not completely. it's like if you take your driver door and push it till the latch catches but you can still push and pull it about 1-2 inches...I hope you understand what i am saying lol It stays closed and i cant even pull it open. Lights...
  5. D

    New Member here..

    hello everyone, just got my 92 explorer sport (pics soon) great thing rebuilt motor with only 140 miles on rebuild, plus another motor that has 80,x.. miles, she's all stock except for an exhaust, im trying to find me a nice push bar/bumper for the front. im not seeing much of any stores...
  6. N

    1993 Explorer Rear Leaf Springs

    Howdy, My rear leaf springs have finally flattened out (Literally, they're flat), and I am now contemplating replacing both springs along with the shackles and related items... My question are: - Would it be worth it to install an add-a-leaf instead or replacing the springs(I'm leaning...
  7. T

    will a lift kit for a 92 ranger fit my 92 explorer

    will the lift kit of a 92 ranger fit my 92 explorer? I found a setup on craigslist and I was wanting to know if these parts are compatible and if so. what other parts are compatible? ( obviously not the beds haha):salute: