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    My 93 Explorer apparently has no idler pulley?

    I was replacing the fan clutch on my Explorer and decided to go ahead and replace the serpentine belt. After I got everything out, I realized that the idler pulley, which is on my serpentine belt diagram under the hood, is non-existent. I'm not immediately worried, since I've been driving around...
  2. Try to disconnect a link like this first.

    Try to disconnect a link like this first.

  3. Durango Dog Photos

    Durango Dog Photos

  4. Testing 4" Tuff Country lift

    Testing 4" Tuff Country lift

    Well, after the testing, the next projects will definately be: rear bumper, lockers, and bead locks.
  5. Alt. repair/replace.

    Alt. repair/replace.

    Four t-20 torx head screws secure the voltage regulator to the back of the regulator. It is possible to remove the regulator and brushes without removing the alt. But it is a pain and the chance of dropping a part into the housing is great.