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  1. S

    Max Tire size

    I have a 96 ex xlt 2wd, I know that the thread with max tire sizes says largest I can go stock is 31x10.50x15, but the shop I'm getting them from has a lot of 265/75r16. This leads me to want to go to those, I'm pretty sure it won't fit stock but if I get the warrior shackles and do a tt would I...
  2. N

    what type of muffler needed? 05 4.6 v8

    Hey guys, apparently I blew my muffler, and I need to buy a new one. Looking online Im between these 3 also a thrush glasspack (the red tube) site says its a fit and also...
  3. F

    Transmission fluid leak from oil cooler fitting

    Iv'e been having a small leak from the tranny oil cooler at the front of the truck ('06 V6 xlt). The leak appears on both fittings coming out of the oil cooler attached to the bottom of the radiator. I think it's coming from where the fluid line goes into the fitting, and not from where the...
  4. B

    Ranger lower radiator hose fitting part name?

    2001 Ranger XLT Automatic sprang a coolant leak today from a pinhole in the fitting that the lower hose connects to on the top side of the hose. there is a temp sensor screwed into the same fitting on top... I have found every other part for the cooling system, but not this fitting. Is it...
  5. first_cut