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  1. K

    2014 XLT with flickering interior lighting and audio

    Hey everyone, Currently undergoing some electrical issues within my explorer. The first time that I noticed this was a few weeks ago when it was around zero degree F during a left hand turn from a stop. There isn't one particular feature that causes this issue, I can mess with the heat setting...
  2. B

    2013 Interceptor Utility - flickering rear lights

    I have a 2013 Interceptor Utility that's experiencing an issue with intermittent flickering of all taillights. Yesterday I noticed my left tail light was flickering on/off (the LED portion), until the lights died when the accessory mode timeout hit. My friend told me today when following me...
  3. E

    O/D (overdrive) light flickering 2002 XLS

    Hello everyone, my girlfriend has a 2002 Explorer XLS and the other day after a heavy storm she says she went through a puddle of water after which the OD light started flickering, its not on or flashing it just flickers. That would not be a big deal since i figured the thing would dry up...