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floor mats

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    Which Floor Mats for 2015 Limited?

    I've got two part numbers, and I don't know which one is for my 2015 Explorer Limited. Anyone know? I've received conflicting information. FB5Z-7813086-AB --or-- BB5Z-7813300-AA
  2. C

    New goodies for the Stealth Bomber

    CAI, cross bars and Husky mats It's been a while since I bought anything for my Ex since I've been focusing all my attention and $$ on my S4, but I have reached a point with the Audi where I am quite happy with it and so now I shift my focus back over to the Ex for a bit. I recently...
  3. D

    Custom fit, personalized floor mats

    I was trying to find some custom-fit floor mats for my 97 Mercury Mountaineer (spilled on coffee like a dummy on my other ones), and I found a neat little website called ggbailey.com. They make custom-fit floor mats, and you can pick the carpet and edge colors and they will embroider your name...
  4. X

    OEM rubber Floor mats, do they exist?

    I was wondering if ford ever produced OEM rubber floor mats for the 2nd gen explorers. I found only one ebay listing: http://www.ebay.com/itm/300580516854?ssPageName=STRK:MEWAX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1423.l2649 I was wondering if these were legit or not because it seems like these are the only ones...
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    Floor Liners; Aries VS. WeatherTech and Husky; Which one is better?

    If you are needing a set of floor liners; here is an intriguing blog article in regards to this subject: http://www.ronusa.com/blog/floor-liners-aries-vs-weathertech-and-husky-which-one-is-better/
  6. S

    Floor mats/liners/cargo mats

    anybody got a ford rear cargo area mat? i know alot of you have weathertech and husky. Im curious about the ford