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  1. D

    Exhaust Questions

    Hi, I just bought a 2007 EB with the V6 (I know, I know) and I'm looking at some new mufflers. I really like the flowmaster 50 series, but I'm worried it'll be too noisy in the interior. I don't mind a little noise, but I should be able to talk at a reasonable volume. Also, how easy is this to...
  2. F

    Things that help fuel economy and performance.

    I haven't been on here in awhile, but wanted to share this with you stock guys. I started using Lucas Oil Upper Cylinder Lubricant about 3 years ago, I add like 4-6 ounces in my fuel every time I fill the tank, and I have to say that this stuff works. After using it for like 6 weeks I started...
  3. H

    4.0L SOHC V6 Flowmaster Options

    Forgive me for posting this, however, I'm the epitome of a beginner... I just want something with a little bit more rumble than stock... I also don't want to cut anything. What size inputs can I fit stock on my 1997 4.0L SOHC V6? Sorry again for my incredibly stupid question, but thank you for...
  4. R

    MPG loss with CAI and flowmaster

    I had added a K&N CAI and a Flowmaster series 40 muffler with a custom cat back exhaust. The only pipes i didn't have replaced were the ones that went over the axle. I used to get 14 MPG city during the summer and fall. In the winter it went down to 13.8, now i have 12-12.5 after i recently...
  5. P

    Exhaust system 98 explorer 5.0 Eddie Bauer

    :salute:Hey guys, I am looking for an Exhaust system for my 98 ford explorer 5.0 Eddie Bauer. I have been looking into different exhausts. One I was interested in was a Super 40 series Flowmaster. I read the specs and it is designed for the 4.0 but I have seen a lot of pics and videos of guys...
  6. C

    custom 94 explorer

    Hey guys, this is my 94 XLT that ive had for almost a year now. This is a truck that has been in my family since it was new and has only 83,000 on it and is still bone stock. this is my list of eventual mods Ild like to do and im interested to hear your thoughts. already completed: -sony...
  7. C

    Exhaust advice for 01 sport trac!!

    Ok, I just got a Mac intake now I'm moving to the exhaust. I have a couple buddies who have an exhaust set up that exits right in front of their back tire, Now their trucks are all half tons, so I'm not sure if this could be done on a sport trac. If I could i would want a flow master muffler...
  8. X

    Anyone curious to see how a Gibson Cat-Back sounds like with the 5.0? Click this!

    I just put on my Gibson Cat-Back a few days ago, so it only has about 50-100 miles on it, so its not broken in yet. It sounds really mean when i hit the gas, very deep and throaty. I personally think it sounds better than the flowmasters because it still has that distinct 5.0 explorer sound if...
  9. C

    Which Exhaust is Better

    I love the sound of the borla xr-1 but on borla's website they have XR-1® Sportsman Racing Mufflers and XR-1® Multi-core Racing Mufflers what would be the best one for my 4.0 2002 Explorer?? I also Like th Flowmaster 40 Series.. But I think Borla Sounds alittle more muscular.. Help please..
  10. B

    Air Cleaner and Flowmaster Muffler 4.0

    :us: I have a 2009 with the 4.0 engine. Was looking for better mpg and have the engine run more efficiently. I added the KKM air cleaner and that increased throttle response and made the Explorer .7 seconds faster 0-60. I then removed the factory muffler and installed a Flowmaster 50 Series...
  11. CamDJClimited

    For Sale Flowmaster 40s Series Single/Dual 2 1/2" Muffler

    I had this put on for my birthday back in March of this year, and I just bought a stainless steel Magnaflow Muffler. This muffler has a pretty aggressive tone (sounds amazing on a V8). It's 2 1/2" (2.5) all the way around, and can be reversed. You can use it as a single in - dual out, or a dual...
  12. E

    Need Help With Motor on 1997 Ford Explorer AWD!

    Hey, guys i was wanting to know what could be wrong with my 1997 Ford Explorer's 5.0 motor has AWD, also has flowmaster exhaust system its older. The problem is when you start it up it idles fine, but if you put it in drive or reverse and start moving past 2000 rpms it starts misfire/backfiring...
  13. B

    98 explorer exhaust questions

    Hey everyone, i have a few questions and was curious about and if anyone could give me some answers it would be greatly appreciated! I have a 98 ex 4.0 and my buddy has a flowmaster 40 series he was just gonna give to me. he had it on his truck for 2 weeks and didnt like it, so hes just...
  14. B

    Exhaust ideas?

    hey everyone. just curious if i could getsomeopinions on exhaust systems that are out there. i have a 98 4.0 and i was looking into getting a new exhaust for it. ive heard goodthings about the flowmaster super 40s but im not too sure. im not lookingfor anything thats outrageously loud, just...
  15. S

    question on Mufflers

    Okay so i have an 02 limited V8 4.6 L Explorer and am looking into Flowmasters. Which one is the best for gaining MPG and sounds great, i really need some help because iv only heard a 44 super series on my friends XTERA and its sounds good but i want to know what is the best for my truck and btw...
  16. P

    2 catalytic converters?

    So i was puttin a new muffler on my 97 explorer sport and i saw that i have 2 cats. Anybody know if this was standard for my explorer and if i can legally take at least one off to try and get a louder sound. i live in NC and im pretty sure the law is you just have to have one cat, never really...
  17. S

    What size in and out do i need on my flowmaster?

    Im buying a flowmaster delta 40 and i need to know what size i need in and out. I think its either 2.5 on both or 2 on both. Im not really sure. Its a 1997 Ford Explorer XLT 4.0 V6 2WD 4DR Any help or suggestions is appreciated.
  18. S

    Flowmaster mufflers / What to do.. HELP

    Im thinking about putting either a Flowmaster 40 Delta Flow or a 50 Delta Flow muffler in my 1997 ford explorer 4.0 v6. Which do you think would be best. I dont want a real real loud annoying roar, but i want to hear it good inside and out. Also I was thinking about buying it online and taking...
  19. J

    Need Exhaust Advice

    So I went to a few performance and muffler shops in my area over the past week and I'm trying to make a decision on an exhaust setup. (FYI, my Explorer is a v6 4.0 SOHC) Going in I was going to have a single in/dual out Flowmaster 40 series muffler installed on the stock tubing, but I had two...
  20. S

    Magnaflow Too Loud

    Hi there i have an 08 explorer 4.0 with a magnaflow universal muffler #11216 and its way too loud. can you recommend something that sounds like stock maybe a little louder but when you gun it sounds good. thanks
  21. D

    '03 Sport Trac 3" inch lift?

    Okay so I have done a lot of stuff to my truck so far. I have a JVC Receiver, Pioneer speakers in front and back, and a MTX Sub. Also I am going to get me a Flowmaster Delta 40 muffler put on my truck. But now I am starting to wonder about a lift for my truck. I don't want anything to big...
  22. 9

    few issues...Any help appreciated

    I have the ohv and ive had this issue for a while now. when i apply anymore than 3/4 throttle the floor/pedal/shifter vibrates. not too too bad but very noticeable driving. Could it be the tranny?? its a the 5 speed manual. Ive never changed the fluid....spark plugs have also never been changed...
  23. Brandon96

    Any experts on exhaust? please help!

    I think this was in the wrong section, So I'm reposting here... I assume most of you have exhaust systems on your trucks so I should get some response to this, but I'm clueless. The only work I've done on exhaust is hacked the stock muffler off and put a flowmaster on it. It sounds bad arse...
  24. Rear


    Rear of my X with a couple stickers
  25. Exaust


    Here is the exaust from the rear