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  1. K

    2017 Explorer SUV: Push button start: Neither fob will complete Remote Start

    I bought a 2017 Ford Explorer SUV last week. It has push-button start/stop. I also have two FOBs that work great EXCEPT neither will start my engine. I have been scouring the internet and trying all sorts of directions for a week without success. If I cannot fix this on my own I will have to...
  2. L

    Program 3rd IAK

    2012 Limited Ford Explorer with push-start, 2 currently working programmed IAK (intelligent access key) and 1 new un-programmed IAK. Trying to access Program Mode via Owners Manual and not having any luck at all. I have tried 3 different types of procedures, but nadda. :confused: Owners...
  3. S

    2015 limited new key fob

    When i purchased our 2015 limited, it only came with 1 fob, and would now like to get a 2nd. The vehicle has remote start, push to start, but no power lift gate. I have found the fobs far cheaper online than at the dealer. My question is, for some reason the fobs which have the hatch pop...
  4. J

    Backup Blade Key Missing - No Original

    Hi Everyone, I recently purchased a used 2011 Limited. I only received one key fob, and it's missing the backup blade key that fits inside the fob. I could get a second fob but have no blade key to make a copy. What are my options? Thanks, Jeff
  5. R

    In desperate need for a RK112 one button fob

    Hello, My car hasn't been able to start for a few months now because my Bosch RK112 one button fob broke beyond repair. I have tried bypassing the Bosch VIM171 immobilizer with no success. I took it to a local garage which suggested me to buy a second hand FOB so he can reprogramme it to work...
  6. B

    2010 ford sport trac key fob mod

    I wanted to know if its possible to replace our separate key and fob setup with an all in one key and fob (used on a ford edge I believe) for a cleaner look. I've tried searching, but have not found anything relevant to a Sport Trac and specific details. I'm not sure it the all in one OEM key...
  7. K

    2013 Limited Ex not receiving fob signals. HELP!!!!

    I bought a wrecked 2013 Limited. Everything is fixed and ready to go but I have never been able to get the vehicle to pick up a signal. Batteries were replaced, no chargers plugged it, etc. I have spent over $200 at ford for them to literally tell me they have no idea what's going on. I have...
  8. NickyB

    [Solved] 2016 Explorer Remote Start Problem

    Hi Everyone, I was not able to find a thread that seemed to align specifically with my issue. I have a 2016 Ford Explorer Sport 401A Package. This means it has the wireless key FOB with the factory installed remote starter and perimeter alarm. I recently used ForScan to remove the double honk...
  9. M

    2013 Explorer FOB replacement options

    hello to all, I hope someone out there found a way to replace that ancient looking 2013 explorer FOB, just got my explorer 2 months ago and god was i surprised that a 2013 explorer comes with a 2000 looking FOB key on which the buttons are super annoying to press [as per wife - her car] ...
  10. J

    2003 Keypad and fob working intermittently.

    2003 Explorer XLT 4X4. I have never really used the keypad until recently but started to realize how handy it is. I programmed 2 new key fob about 2 months ago and all have always worked great until recently. Now both only work sometimes. I will Park and use the fob to lock it and it doesn't...
  11. B

    Why does an MFT Master Reset Fix the Problem with My Keyless Entry Fobs?

    I have a 2013 Ford Explorer with MFT 3.51 that I took ownership of in November, 2012. Twice, my car has gotten into a mode in which BOTH of my remote entry key fobs sporadically will not unlock the car doors. Most times they did, 15 to 20% of the time they didn't. When it seemed to get...
  12. E

    Door Lock problems please help!

    I have a 96 Explorer Eddie Bauer Edition V8. The key fob will only unlock the driver side door. The fob will not lock any doors but will arm the alarm. The manual lock inside on any of the four doors will not lock the doors however the driver side door will arm the alarm. When I use the rear...
  13. J

    1998 Exp start issues.

    Hey, I have a 1998 Ford Explorer 2 door (2 wheel driver, 4.0) that fails to start. When I first bought the car, the only way I could start was to hit the unlock button on the fob, then start - it will not just start with the dealers key. Upon inspection of the key, there are noticeable...
  14. S

    First Explorer...plenty of problems...Lets deal with the remote entry first

    Hi everyone, I got my first Explorer, very good price but a few issues. The truck only came with one key, no remotes. I purchased a new remote but cannot get it to programme! When I can get the truck to enter programme mode (locks cycle) by flicking the key on and off eight times so I know...
  15. D

    Keyless (FOBs) quit working on hot days

    2000 Explorer (Eddie Bauer) I posted this last year around the same time of year. You can see it here: Basically, whenever it gets warmer outside, the FOBs on my truck quit working. They work all fall and winter... but as soon...