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fog lamp

  1. AustinMada

    Adding OEM fog lights to 2020 Explorer

    Hello, I'm new to the form so if there is already a thread with this question then sorry. I'm buying my wife a 2020 XLT and it bothers me that it's not coming with fog lights. Does the 2020 have many aftermarket companies that make these lights and if so are they easy to install? Thanks in...
  2. M

    2005 Explorer 211xxx Miles. left and right low beams wont turn on.

    my low beams won't work, all other lights work. I checked the fuses, the fuses are fine. I replaced the fuses anyways with some fuses that I have. still won't work. I highly doubt that both bulbs blew out at the same time. dad thinks that it may be the switch and I agree with him. Anyone have...
  3. Indispensable Explorer

    Bull/Push Bar thoughts? Suggestions?

    So, running for more than an hour each week down a small, unlit, truck route has taught me that the lights on my beloved Explorer are pathetic. I don't have too much faith in the "upgraded" halogens or the aftermarket LED upgrades(too many bad stories). After some thoughts I landed on the idea...
  4. A

    99 explorer fog lights mod!

    Hello, Its a 99 explorer limited with a 5.0.... So I recently purchased after market fog light housing. There very similar to one of the jw speaker fog lights. There led. But I read that it's easier to remove the bumper to get the old housing out??? Do I need to do that and I also read that...
  5. R

    Stock Aux Lamp Problem

    Hi all, I know there HAS to be a thread somewhere on the forum in regards to my problem, but I spent the last couple hours looking and searching. I have found quite a few posts but none that would actually help me out.. Here goes: 2000XLT - V8-AWD My aux. lamps don't work anymore. They...