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fog light kit

  1. V

    Well I need some help with my HID fogs.

    I have a 95 explorer with a 2000 explorer sport front bumper, this required my fogs become H1 bulbs. Now i want HID fogs. So i did some research and found that 9006 type hid bulbs will perfectly fit in the fog light housing without modification (this is true.) Now i went to the local junkyard...
  2. R

    Fog Lights on Base Pre 2016 Model

    Hi guys, doing some research Ive found this... Notice part 17D957A, there are two options, with and without front fog lights, each one with different pricing, I guess if someone with the base model orders the part with the fog lights, he'll be able to retrofit them. Wiring shouldnt be...
  3. S

    02 Extra fog light spot?

    I really want to put two more Fog lights on my truck being there is a place for them on the plastic closest to the ground. it is like a 5 x 2 in space and i wanted to know how i could wire them to my other fog lights, therefor only using one switch. Thanks P.S. why are they even there if...
  4. J

    Fog light kit for my Explorer 2002!

    Hi, I want to install a fog light kit (original) in my XLT 2002 Explorer. I can't find a kit to buy, I did it before for my VW Jetta, also I did it for my Dodge Ram but for the Explorer it seems not to be anything available, is there anyone in this fuorum who did this and can help me where...