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fog light

  1. I

    Upgrade fog light assembly

    Hey everyone, a few months ago I pulled a bumper off of a 99 or 2000 Ex and put it on my 98 XLT. Today I went back for the wiring harnesses I didn't get the first time. . But the passenger side lens is dirty and awful looking and the drivers side one is completely missing. I can't seem to find...
  2. tjtheman007

    How to: 04+ Sport Trac Fog Light Mod (Stays on W/ High Beams)

    Fog lights stay on when brights/high beams are engaged. **Do this mod at your own risk. I take no responsibility if you mess something up or violate any laws with performing this mod.** First, verify your fog light relay location. (Refer to owners manual.) The pictures used here are on my 04...
  3. D

    LED fog lamp upgrade?

    When I purchased my '16 Explorer, I didn't get the LED foglamp option. When I clicked on the foglamps the temperature of the halogen foglamps and LED headlights is very different so I'd like to upgrade the fogs to LEDs similar to what is offered from the factory. Has anyone upgraded their fogs...
  4. J

    Fog lights won't work

    Hey everyone, I recently picked up a 2010 Explorer XLT V6. I honestly didn't even realize it had fog lights until I was changing the oil yesterday. But it really didn't make a difference when I realized I had them, because they don't work anyway. I am good with electronics, and I think I have...
  5. D

    Adding fog lights to 2016+ Base Explorer?

    2016 ford explorer fog lamp question Hello everyone. I am a long time Ford owner. I just purchased a 2016 Ford Explorer base model with the v3.5 v-6. I would like to install the factory front fog lamps. I have purchased both the fog lamp housings. I have not been able to find any info on how...
  6. D

    How to Separate Headlight and Fog light lenses (without home oven)

    Hey guys, So I have been thinking about doing some projector lens retrofitting on my trucks fog lights (or headlights) so I made a video no how to separate the lenses. The headlights are sealed beams 6x7 which are common on older jeeps and pickups, but the fog lights are from my B3000. The...
  7. D

    How to fix headlights with moisture in them

    Hey guys, So my drivers side headlight kept getting moisture in it after any rain so I wanted to fix it and figured this would be helpful for others with the same problem! Let me know what you think!
  8. V

    Well I need some help with my HID fogs.

    I have a 95 explorer with a 2000 explorer sport front bumper, this required my fogs become H1 bulbs. Now i want HID fogs. So i did some research and found that 9006 type hid bulbs will perfectly fit in the fog light housing without modification (this is true.) Now i went to the local junkyard...
  9. F

    Fog Light, help please

    Hello, I have a 98 explorer an recently my passenger side fog light came off of whatever holds it on, could some one please tell me how i can secure it again. Thank you.
  10. S

    05 Explorer Fog Light Replacement.

    The glass on the driver's side fog light (located in the front bumper) on my 05 Eddie Bauer Explorer was shattered. I believe I have to replace the entire unit. Does anyone know how to replace it? I took a quick look and I didn't see any access. Thank you very much.