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fog lights

  1. B

    Blue LED blub conversion on 2016 explorer

    What's going on fellow explorer owners? I got a question one of you all might be able to help me with hopefully. I went to change out my fog light bulbs to a blue LED bulb and of coarse it was no where near the listed bulb size (bulbs fit connector, bot not housing). The weird thing was it had...
  2. S

    2016 PIU Adding Fog Lamps

    I'm about to be adding non-LED fog light assemblies to my 2016 PIU that came from the factory without them. I know how to install them just fine, however I'm curious if there are any unforeseen steps to consider. Such as are the wiring pigtails still there? Is there any ForScan or dealer...
  3. L

    Unable to remove OEM Fog light bulbs

    I got LED fog lights BULBS for this 2015 Ford Explorer but I am unable to disconnect the oem Bulbs from the car. There is one clip that I popped off but there's seems to be 2 blue rubber tabs holding it in. Please help me.
  4. O

    Headlight Replacement

    Hi, what are the oem replacements for the headlights of a 2016 Ford Explorer.
  5. D

    2013 Ford Explorer Sport “Recommended” upgrades

    Hi Fellow Explorers, So we just picked up a 2013 Ford Explorer Sport and being new to the modern explorers, I was hoping I could get some gouge on recommended upgrades to this beast of an SUV. For those unfamiliar with the term “gouge”, it’s widely used in the military as word for “essential...
  6. J

    Yellow LED Fog Lights (2018 Explorer)

    I'm interested in changing the stock white LED fog lights in my new 2018 Explorer Sport to a yellow bulb (2500K). As an LED it would seem you could electronically change the color of the stock bulb but replacing the bulb would work as well. Has anyone changed out the LED fog light to yellow?
  7. Eltee

    Tapping Auxiliary Lights Into Factory Fogs?

    I live on the coast so fog is a constant issue. On my '05 Sport Trac I had PIAA 5 inch fogs on their own harness and their own switch stuck on to the dash. For my 13 XLT I want to add some lower profile rectangular fogs in front but would like to wire them up to come on when I activate the built...
  8. Indispensable Explorer

    Bull/Push Bar thoughts? Suggestions?

    So, running for more than an hour each week down a small, unlit, truck route has taught me that the lights on my beloved Explorer are pathetic. I don't have too much faith in the "upgraded" halogens or the aftermarket LED upgrades(too many bad stories). After some thoughts I landed on the idea...
  9. J

    Fog lights won't work

    Hey everyone, I recently picked up a 2010 Explorer XLT V6. I honestly didn't even realize it had fog lights until I was changing the oil yesterday. But it really didn't make a difference when I realized I had them, because they don't work anyway. I am good with electronics, and I think I have...
  10. J

    2006 explorer fog light electrical map

    Hi, does anyone have an electrical wiring map for a 2006 ford explorer 4.0 L SOHC. Fog lights not working and I have tried new bulbs, and checked fuses and relays and all seem to be ok. not sure if its a wiring issue. I used alligator clips to check the relay with battery and it clicks when...
  11. D

    How to Aim Headlights (and fog lights)

    Hey guys, So this video will show you how to aim your headlights and your fog lights on our trucks. This is a big problem I see all the time where people dont know how to aim their headlights and either their light beam is not lighting up the road adequately or they are blinding other...
  12. A

    2013 Fog Lights

    Hi, I am new and have a question about the fog lights. The only way I can turn my fog lights on is to push the button when the headlights are turned on. Is there a way to have the fog lights come on automatically when the headlights are turned on?
  13. D

    Fog light replacement

    Hey Guys, So here is my latest video on how to change the fog lights on a Mazda B-series pickup. I think this is gonna be very helpful for many people. I originally thought it was going to be a few bolts under the bumper, but I was mistaken. You have to remove the bumper and all my bolts were...
  14. T

    Replacing grille guard fog lights?

    I have the grille guard on my explorer that come with those dim little twin fog lights. They do not help at all and since im upgrading my headlights to HID id like to get the bluish sylvana fog lights. But i cant get the assembly open. There are no screws and the seams seem to be located weird.
  15. T

    Replacing grille guard fog lights?

    I have the grille guard on my explorer that come with those dim little twin fog lights. They do not help at all and since im upgrading my headlights to HID id like to get the bluish sylvana fog lights. But i cant get the assembly open. There are no screws and the seams seem to be located weird.
  16. M

    Stock to "better" stock mods...

    Hi. I'm new here and should probably introduce myself in the intro thread. Well, I've been wanting to do something to my X that I just have a hard time finding my question, let alone an answer. Just bits and pieces. So here it goes: I have a 2004 XLS with auto 4x4 and 4.0 v6 engine. I...
  17. G

    '02 ST Fog lights flaking out!

    Hey guys! My 02ST fog lights have been acting very strange lately. I normally drive with them ON at night or in the early morning, and just the last few days they have been turning off and on by themselves. I noticed that the indicator light on the center dash also goes out when they turn off...
  18. R

    Best Aftermarket Fog/Driving Lights?

    Hey guys, so after searching for a bumper valance swap for my '03 XLS to do OEM style fogs (no success thus far) I have decided to go with aftermarket. I am looking for suggestions on what brand/type is the best. I dont want to go with walmart el cheapos, but dont want to spend a fortune...
  19. R

    Bumper valance swap '03 XLS

    Hey Everyone, need some info regarding the bumper valance on a '03 XLS. My truck currently does not have the cut-outs for the OEM style fogs. I would like to swap out the valance so that I can use the OEM style fogs. Would I be able to use the valance from an XLT or Eddit Bauer, same year...
  20. R

    HELP fog light wireing

    ok so i crashed my 02 explorer eddie bower and the driver fog light was broken i decided to change it over to aftermarket fog lights (55 watts) i want to utilize the factory wiring the fuse blew and i replaced it (blew prior to install of new lights) so new fuse in spot 44 and also fog lights...
  21. C

    97 xlt front bumper spoiler replacement

    Does anyone know where I can get a replacement front spoiler (mounted right under the front bumper) for a 97 XLT? :( Mine was shattered in the snow and ice recently (was part of an after market Xenon package with fog lamps when I bought the truck back in 2003) I'm 99% sure that the 97...
  22. S

    02 Extra fog light spot?

    I really want to put two more Fog lights on my truck being there is a place for them on the plastic closest to the ground. it is like a 5 x 2 in space and i wanted to know how i could wire them to my other fog lights, therefor only using one switch. Thanks P.S. why are they even there if...
  23. B

    Help Needed With Fog Light Wiring!!!

    I own a 1996 XLT Explorer. I'm trying to replace my old factory fog lights with some brighter 55watt H3 Halogen's. I have done everything, but the wiring. I stripped both ends and twisted them together and they worked. Me begin the way I am, i unhooked then and did the reverse. No power so I...