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ford 4.0l sohc

  1. M

    The Dreaded Leaking Thermostat Housing...

    I recently did my intake manifold gaskets and while I was there, I replaced the stupid leaking upper thermostat housing. It had been leaking around the gasket for some time and with coolant at $20 per now, I figured it was a good $15 investment. All said and done, I buttoned it all up and...
  2. J

    Bad Catalytic Converter

    I drive a 2004 Ford Explorer 4.0 Sohc 6 cylinder 4wd, 64,000 miles. A few weeks ago I noticed a loud rattle when starting the engine and on the Down Rev. I eventually traced the noise to inside the passenger side catalytic converter. The last few weeks I've been trying to figure out why my...
  3. P

    Looking for torque specs on a cam and cam gear bolts

    2004 ford explorer sohc 4.0 L cam replacement torque specs for the cam shaft cap bolts and for the left front upper timing chain gear bolt also left rear upper timing chain gear bolt i dont trust the book i have i've already snaped one bolt off in the cam. Please help. Thank you (I'm at work so...