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ford explorer 1992

  1. L

    Lift kit for expo 1992 xlt 2wd

    Hi everyone , I am new here, right now I am planning to start rebuilding my 1992 explorer xlt 2WD , this my first post and I don't have that much experience in cars. I have seen a lot of videos about rebuilding and what should I do, it is not easy to find the best part for your expo but thank...
  2. S

    Transmission fluid

    Hello everybody! I love my old ford, and hope to your experience, to get some help. I have some mystical issue with my old explorer xlt 1992. The few mounth ago the oil level in transmission began decreasing. There are no any serious leak under car. So one week ago its begun some strange...
  3. B

    My Explorer doesn't switch into 4WD. Is this a common problem?

    I have found this web site to be extremely valuable in solving problems with my family's 1992 Ford Explorer XLT 4-door. The SUV has over 250K and is going strong. My son got a new stereo for Christmas, and a Best Buy technician installed it for $200. About a month later he had to use the...
  4. L

    Can't seem to find blower resistor on 92 Explorer!!??

    I'm looking to find the blower resistor because my AC switch only switches to high and i'v being meaning to fix now for a while. Its a 92 Ford Explorer standard 2 dooors also im new to this so yeaaaa. Thanks for any help.